La La And Carmelo Anthony Respond To Cheating Rumors

La La and Carmelo Anthony are one of the latest celebrity couples to fall victim to the cruel world of internet rumors.

The nasty rumors, calling out the alleged infidelity in their marriage, came after rapper Maino’s ex-girlfriend, Patrice E., accused the actress of sleeping with the father of her child.

“Does you husband know that your hoe a** has been fu**ing my daughter’s father. That you slept over his house the other night after the movies. How does it feel to be the s*** responsible for his daughter never waking up to see her father ever again!,” Patrice E. wrote in the comment section of one of Carmelo’s old Instagram photos.

“And don’t make me @ the n**** cause I come with receipts hoe. We both know his thirsty a** would love the exposure to help move his new mixtape. Your a disgrace to women everywhere. Typical married s***,” she added.

Following Patrice E.’s comments, the internet exploded with people calling out La La for cheating on her husband. Luckily, the couple is confident in their marriage, and responded to the claims by posting a video on Instagram. In the video, the pair can be seen lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s “All Eyes on You.” La La captioned the video by saying, “All eyes on us,” followed by a heart emoji.

La La and Carmelo have strongly denied the claims, and are going about their lives, brushing off the rumors as “crazy.” The Knicks star recently hosted a weekend-long fundraiser at the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort in San Juan to benefit his Carmelo Anthony Foundation, Page Six reports. To prove that their marriage is as strong as ever, La La flew out on Friday night to be with her hubby, despite Hurricane Danny wreaking havoc on the island.

Prior to La La’s arrival, witnesses said Carmelo Anthony was frequently seen working out at the gym.

“He works out for at least two hours and he seems really focused,” an insider said.

However, that doesn’t mean he didn’t take a little time away to have some fun with his guys. Despite another source saying models were trying to get his attention, they said he didn’t show any interest in them.

“Many models were trying to get his attention. He did not seem especially interested in talking to any of the women there, but he was extremely polite,” the source said.

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