Want Free Starbucks For Life? Barista Reveals Sneaky Way To Do It

Fancy drinking free Starbucks for the rest of your life? Well, a sneaky Barista has revealed the rather diabolical way that you won’t ever have to pay for a Starbucks drink again in your life.

According to the Mirror, a Starbucks barista named Brad has now revealed how one specific customer has managed to take advantage of an oversight in the company’s system to get a free drink every single day.

Brad made this revelation while he was having a huge rant about some of the worst customers that he’s ever had to deal with. And one specific customer has really irked Brad, but at the same time, he’s managed to save over $440 a year. Brad explained as follows.

“There is a man who comes to my Starbucks every single day and orders the most drink in an infuriating way.

He purchased 365 Starbucks cards and registered every one of them online with a different birthday so that he gets a free birthday drink every day of the year.

Even though I know exactly how he beat the system there, he pretends that his app is just malfunctioning and it magically gives him the same free birthday drink every day.”

But that’s not all, because this rather infuriating individual always insists that he marks his own cup for the order, too. The barista even went into more detail about how the despicable man orders his drink, via Boing Boing.

“He draws lines and arrows and writes all over the cup while telling me: ‘Two pumps of white mocha here, then add five pumps of vanilla. That should take us to this line here where you’re gonna add cold heavy cream up to this ridge here… it should be halfway between this line and this line.

Make sure to add the heavy whipping cream before the espresso, it changes the taste if you do it out of order. Then add your four shots, three regular and one long shot. That long shot is important, since you guys reformulated your machines, it’s been Hell trying to get my drink right.

That long shot helps balance it. Then stir it for me, Mister Brad. Now do me a favor and add ice to the top there and it’ll be easy as pie. I’m not picky so don’t worry about shaking it or anything like that’.”

Cosmopolitan has since worked out that the man in question saves around £286 a year, which is around $448. However, let’s not forget that he spent more than that buying each of the $5 cards, though.

[Photo by Chris Hondros / Getty Images]

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