Ruby Rose Thinks Her Fame Is Temporary

Ruby Rose recently told People Magazine that she does not expect her fame to be long-lived. The Australian-born’s fame has been on the rise in the U.S. ever since she played inmate Stella Carlin in Season 3 of HBO’s Orange is the New Black. Previously, Rose’s fame had primarily remained in her native Australia, where she worked as a model, MTV VJ, club DJ, and TV personality. Rose says that her fame has always been up and down.

“I’ve had the lulls and ebbs and flows. I’ve been a has-been and an ‘It girl’ and has-been and an ‘It girl.’ I’ll be a has-been next week. You just learn to ride the wave and just enjoy it. It’s not so serious, you know.”

Ruby Rose’s fame doesn’t appear to be waning, however. The Daily Mail has featured photos of her as she tours the globe as a DJ. She’s been a guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Today Show, and Ryan Seacrest Presents.

One source of media fascination with Ruby Rose is her dedication to the LGBTQ community. Rose grew up feeling as though she’s the wrong gender. Ultimately, she’s embraced her body rather than undertaking surgery or living trans. Ruby Rose in her confidence has become the new face of androgyny in an increasingly-accepting world. Rose created a short film to express how she feels about the acceptance of her body, her gender, and her sexuality called, “Break Free.” The film may display images that are not suitable for some viewers.

Ruby Rose may feel that her fame is temporary, but it doesn’t seem to be going away. In fact, her Orange is the New Black acting has aided in the rise of her deejay fame.

Ruby Rose deejay
Ruby Rose deejays in San Francisco as part of a North American Tour

While deejaying in San Francisco’s Temple Nightclub, one fan threw her lace panties on stage for Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose deejay
Ruby Rose displays the lace panties from a fan

Rose is currently touring the North American continent as a DJ. According to the photos she shares on her Facebook account, the crowd absolutely adores her and her deejay antics.

If the fans have their say, Ruby Rose’s fame will not be short-lived or wane anytime soon. Most social media posts featuring Ruby are dripping with nothing but love in the comment section. One recent post exclaimed, “I question my sexuality when I look at Ruby Rose.” Another commenter stated that Rose was “the most beautiful human she’s ever seen.”

[Photos by Kimberly White / Getty Images]

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