Ferrari To Unveil New Enzo Hybrid At End Of 2012

Ferrari has confirmed it will reveal its new Enzo hybrid at the end of this year, Mayans be damned. Ferrari head honcho Luca di Montezemolo (above), also the most Italian-looking man ever, announced the plans in the annual report, stating:

“At the end of the year, we’ll also be unveiling the new Enzo, a limited series model and our first ever hybrid car.”

The company talked about the new hybrid last month, revealing that the next in the Enzo line will be a gasoline-electric beast that should still be capable of reaching 60 miles per hour in just over 3.14 seconds. Enzo top speeds range around the 221 miles per hour mark, and this new hybrid is expected to be no slower.

At April’s Beijing Auto Show, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa confirmed:

“We are entering the market with our Formula One-derived hybrid system, which will slash fuel consumption and increase performance.”

She also added that the HY-KERS system used in the car will add another 120kg to the vehicle.

The Enzo series is renowned for its F1 technology that deploys electrohydraulic shift transmission and carbon-fiber body.

While the HY-KERS system would usually weigh the car down, Ferrari say they will shave kilograms from a portion of the chassis and the powertrain to make up for the greater weight. The new car, due to launch in 2013, will also use the same grade of carbon fiber used in Ferrari’s F1 cars, while Samsung are said to be providing lithium ion cells for its battery packs. It will also be way beyond any of our wallets.

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