Kate Bosworth Gets Terrifying In ‘Amnesiac’ Trailer [Video]

Kate Bosworth is taking a turn at creepy in this new trailer for the film Amnesiac.

You may be immediately struck by the similarities between this and Stephen King’s Misery, although there are some key differences.

Bosworth appears to be the heavy here as she takes in a man, who was apparently in a car accident that robbed him of his memory.

The longer that the man (actually called “Man” in the casting credits to Bosworth’s “Woman,” and played by Wes Bentley) goes, the more he realizes that Woman likely isn’t his wife at all.

And just going from the minute and a half you see below, her intentions do not appear to be that nurturing.

While some have definitely pointed out the similarities to Misery, others have said this is more in line with the Nicole Kidman vehicle Before I Go to Sleep from 2014.

Either way, it looks like a creepy good time, and it’s one that you can already experience for yourself as the official release date was Aug. 14, 2015, and it’s currently available on Amazon Instant and other digital video services.

Kate Bosworth recently sat down to discuss Amnesiac with Fangoria. where she discussed what drew her to the project, which is directed by her husband, Michael Polish (Big Sur, The Astronaut Farmer).

Bosworth said she “was interested in exploring something different than I had done before, and the project was submitted to Michael and I as a team. He read the script first and said, ‘This is great but it’s really specific so you’ll either really want to do it or not. Let me know what your thoughts are.'”

Bosworth said she was “intrigued by the idea of a Hitchcock Blonde who isn’t a victim but rather is the psycho as well as embodying a classic femme fatale.”

She continued,

“Then, Michael came up with the idea that my character lived in a world that she created in sort of this timeless era; that originally wasn’t in the screenplay. That was one of the benefits of working as a team: understanding how, cinematically speaking, Michael was going to take the material from script to screen. I knew the imagery that he wanted to conjure and I found that to be really interesting to be a part of.”

Here’s the Amnesiac trailer.

Have you checked out this film yet? What did you think of Kate Bosworth as a psycho? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Kate Bosworth, Wes Bentley via Amnesiac trailer screen grab]

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