‘General Hospital’ Actor Bryan Craig Dukes It Out With Hater On Twitter, Takes Break From Social Media After Family Drama

A heated exchange between General Hospital actor Bryan Craig and a social media troll on Friday ended up with an attack against the actor’s family and tempers flaring. It almost seemed like a mob war confrontation like you would see on the daytime drama. However, this was real, and the hater looked like he was trying to bait Craig into an argument on Twitter that escalated to the point of Craig saying something he later regretted.

It all started when Bryan posted that those who hate on his character of Morgan Corinthos on the ABC soap should wait to see what is ahead for him. The character, and the actor, has been getting lots of negative feedback from people on social media. This post prompted one particular hater to come out of the woodwork to slam Bryan Craig in particular, not the GH character.

This one particular hater, who is a soap tweeter, seems to have taken a dislike to the soap star. The exchange between the two first brought out Bryan’s mother in defense of her son. However, it seems that her Twitter account no longer exists at the moment. It looks like she had enough of the drama and took it down.

This prompted a response from Bryan’s dad. He was not having any of the bad talk about his son, as well as his wife.

The tweeter, who goes by the name of Chris, did not take well to the responses from the Craig family. He went on to let them know exactly how he feels about all of them.

“Appears to be a family full of trash. Guess that’s where he gets it from.”

It didn’t stop there. In fact, it escalated into Bryan Craig losing his temper after his family was attacked. Everything hit the fan at that point.

Unfortunately, Bryan went on to tell the hater that if he keeps talking about his family like that, that he would do his best to find him and break his fingers. Of course, there were a few choice words in there, and this whole thing ended up with the General Hospital actor telling everyone that he had better take a break from Twitter.

He did get tons of support from his fans who love him as an actor and also his portrayal of Morgan Corinthos. Even his TV mobster daddy got on social media to give his advice and support for him. Maurice Benard told him that the best way to get revenge against haters is to do great work.

Bryan did delete his “breaking fingers” tweet after he realized how bad that was. He swiftly apologized to his fans for the exchange stating that he was just trying to defend his family.

“I appreciate everyone’s support, I’m no different than any of you, people saying bad things about my family I don’t take kind too.”

Even though he regretted that this all happened in the first place, Craig realized just how much his fans still love him. He was grateful for all of the love and support he received.

However, Chris thinks that the soap star should lose his job after this whole thing. Who knows if he is truly serious, but it is extremely doubtful that would ever happen.

Right now on General Hospital, Morgan is right in the center of a murder trial and according to On Air On Soaps, he may be suffering from biopolar disease just like his dad. Sonny has suffered with it for years and was hoping that neither of his sons inherited it. With Morgan’s actions lately, his mother is questioning his mental health. This may be where the writers are heading with his story line in the coming weeks.

What do you think about this heated exchange concerning Bryan Craig?

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