Giant 250-Pound Red Ball Rolls Over Car, Down Toledo Street As People Chase It — Watch The Footage [Video]

It’s not every day that a person looks out their window and sees a giant red ball weighing 250 pounds rolling down the street. And usually they don’t witness people chasing after the 250-pound ball as it rolls over the front side of a car down a street. But that’s exactly what happened in Toledo, Ohio. The big red ball broke loose from an art exhibit after a gust of wind took it away, and now video on the Instagram page of is going viral with footage of the gigantic red ball on the run.

“250 lb redball on the loose!”

The big 250-pound red ball was part of the Toledo Museum of Art public exhibit. Called the “RedBall Project,” the big red ball was stationary until big gusts of winds in a storm on Wednesday night made it come unhinged. With a rolling ball and wet, rainy weather, the chasers had their hands full trying to gain control of the huge object.

The giant red ball had plenty of chasers, reports ABC News?. Museum employees, the red ball watchers, and even a waiter ran after the huge red ball and managed to deflate it. Fortunately, no one was injured by the 15-feet wide, 250-pound monstrosity as it took to city streets with a mind of its own. The red ball took out a street sign and rolled a bit over the side of a car, but other than that, no humans got in the way of the ball’s path.

It’s also pretty fortunate that the big red ball wasn’t made of heavier material like stone or something, but instead of the stuff that rubber life rafts are made of. The artist responsible for creating the big red ball, Kurt Perschke, actually got on Reddit to answer questions about his runaway red ball.

“I am the artist behind the RedBall Project that recently rolled through Toledo,” wrote Kurt on Reddit.

The huge red ball’s intention as part of the RedBall Project is to inspire imagination — but in the decade since the red ball has popped up around cities across the globe, never has it taken off like in Toledo, says the artist.

“In the 10 years of this installation, nothing like this has never happened. We’re just glad no one was hurt. It’s a huge soft ball that doesn’t crush things. However like a boat with lots of sail and no rudder, it can really move in high winds.”

[Image via Instagram]

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