WWE News: Ashley Madison Profile Information Hacked, 25 WWE Employees On Adultery Site

As most might be aware by now, AshleyMadison.com is a website where married people can meet with other married people or singles for an affair. The website prides itself on making sure all profile information is secure. However, hackers recently exposed the website, and millions of people had their information leaked. Emails, addresses, and even credit card information are now open for all to see.

This led to many looking for celebrities and athletes to see who might be cheating. Deadspin was able to uncover at least 25 current or former WWE employees. Usually, a WWE email has the words “wwecorp.com” in the line, which means that these men and women who decided to cheat used their work emails to avoid any issues with personal emails being seen by their significant other.

It was also found that ESPN has 39 accounts registered, NBA has 25, NFL has 18, and both NHL and MLB have 4.

It is interesting that this information is available for the world to see. At the end of the day, it was a breach in privacy that gave us this information. However, a breach in privacy also gave us the Hulk Hogan drama from weeks back. We all have judged the Hulkster for what he said and many went on record to say that they stopped being fans of his because of it.

Yet we now have information of men and women cheating out for the world to see. Millions of profiles were leaked to the public, and many we might know are on this list. We may even have friends or family on this list. On top of that, our wife or husband might be on it. While we can all point to the fact that it is good that information like this is out there for the right people to see, it is still an invasion of privacy,

Ashley Madison will most likely get a lot of lawsuits over it. While they were hacked, the fact that they touted the secure nature of their site means that people trusted the website not to expose their information.

Will this lead to the suspensions or firing of any ESPN, MLB, NFL, NBA, MLB, or WWE employee? Probably not. Of course, some may not be more understanding to the Hulk Hogan problem more than ever before. For some, their actions may be just as bad as Hogan’s words.

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