Dave Grohl: ‘I’m A UFO Fanatic’

Dave Grohl, with a healthy and relentlessly vibrant 46 years of life under his belt on planet Earth, is already a rock icon two times over as the drummer for the groundbreaking, Kurt Cobain-led Nirvana and longtime leader of his own somewhat noteworthy musical act, the Foo Fighters, but adding astrophysicist and UFO fanatic to his already stellar Dave Grohl resume only makes it all better, especially the UFO part.

In a Billboard Magazine interview that just hit newsstands, Grohl reflected on his recent broken-legged performances with the Foo Fighters and how the band may have actually been made stronger by his broken leg, the “throne” that has accompanied him on stage for those broken-legged performances, and last but definitely not least, that he, Dave Grohl, is a “UFO fanatic.”

Grohl’s fascination and commitment to UFOs surfaced while Billboard was discussing with the Rock God, Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters new “8-part HBO musical travelogue” series of documentary programs, Sonic Highways, and the four Emmy nominations Sonic Highways has received.

The Emmy nominations, according to Grohl, left him “blown away, (the) Emmy world is something I never considered. I still don’t know how to process it. It’s so foreign to me.”

But beyond the Emmys, and before Dave mentioned UFOs, Billboard went on to ask about Grohl’s fellow nominees for the “outstanding informational series or special” Emmy, which include James Lipton and Anthony Bourdain, but most importantly, like Kurt Cobain, one of Dave Grohl’s hero’s, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“I’m fans of all of those people. Neil is my hero. In another life, I hope that I was an astrophysicist. I spend most of my time online in the science section of Google news. It’s what I do all day long. I’m a UFO fanatic.”

Along with his interest in astrophysics and UFOs, Dave Grohl also demonstrated his always down-to-earth and humble character, expressing his respect for his fellow nominees while also appreciating the efforts that he, the Foo Fighters, and others, had put into Sonic Highways, creating its resulting success.

“I can’t even fathom being nominated in a category with such heavyweights. When we made this show, we just assumed that hard core music nerds would love it. The reach of the series went way farther than I imagined it would go. I think I just put (so) much love into this show and the result was something better than I ever imagined.”

Dave Grohl currently continues to tour with his fellow Foo Fighters despite the broken leg, which has been with him since June, reports Music News.

Which brings us back to Dave Grohl’s on-stage throne, which is almost as interesting as his preoccupations with UFOs and astrophysics. Grohl is not quite sure if he’ll be able to just jettison the throne once he’s healed.

“It’s become the star of the show. Do I stop using it when I can just stand there? Or do I stop using it when I can jump and run around like I used to or do I keep it for f***ing ever? It has a drink holder.”

And, of course, the term “Foo Fighter” was originally used as a tag for late and post-World War II UFOs, revealing that Dave Grohl, along with being a rock legend, having a keen eye for amazing drummers like Taylor Hawkins, and being a UFO enthusiast, also knows a thing or two about history.

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