David Foster, Husband Of ‘Real Housewives’ Yolanda Foster, Speaks About Her Illness

David Foster, husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster, is speaking out for the first time about Yolanda’s struggle with Lyme Disease, and her fight to regain her health. Diagnosed in 2012, Yolanda Foster has traveled around the world seeking new treatments, some of which are not available in the United States. Husband David Foster says he is in awe of her strength.

According to the Inquisitr, though Yolanda Foster’s health is improving, she will only be back on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills part time as she gets back to normal. In the mean time, Foster family friend Erika Jayne will be added to the cast as a full time cast member to fill the gap left by Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards.

According to the Daily Mail, Foster has said that Yolanda Foster is on a mission, not only to heal herself, but to find a cure or better treatment for Lyme Disease, which is considered an autoimmune disease.

“It is a mission to get herself well right now and she also gets thousands and thousands of emails from people who have auto-immune disease, which sadly she can’t possibly answer. But Yolanda feels that it’s part of her job to get to the bottom of this. She believes that if she cracks the code it will help a lot of other people with the disease”

David Foster says he has begged Yolanda to just take it easy and let the doctors cure the disease, but Yolanda isn’t having that, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’ve told her more than once, I’ve said, ‘You know, honey, you should really try and get better yourself first,’ and she said, ‘Yeah, but if I crack the code then a lot of people are going to get better,’ so she’s really dedicated to finding something that will really help her and in turn help others. So that’s just the way she rolls and that’s just her.”

And according to E! Online, Real Housewives‘ Foster is 100 percent committed to live as clean of a life as possible moving forward. This means cutting out unnecessary beauty treatments.

“Homeward bound, grateful and down to the bare bone of the original 1964 model……#NoMoreImplants #NoMoreBotox #NoMoreExtensions #NoMoreHighlights #NoMoreNailPolish #ToxicFree,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself resting comfortably in a robe on an airplane. “Forced to honor my authentic self and respectfully own it!!! #MyHealthJourney #SearchingForaCure”

Yolanda Foster has spoken at length about believing that her leaky breast implant might hold the key, she explained to E!. After the surgery to remove the busted implant, she improved greatly, saying she was “turning a mess into a message!”

Do you believe that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Yolanda Foster can heal herself by living clean?

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