Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs: First Pictures Surface

Ashton Kutcher is taking on perhaps one of the most iconic roles he will ever face, playing Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an independent film that focuses on the deceased CEOs early life and work and now the first photos from that gig are beginning to surface.

The low-budget indie picture titled Jobs: Get Inspired just recently began filming around LA and the first photo features Ashton Kutcher walking around in Steve Jobs’ trademark jeans and black polo sweater, a staple of the billionaires wardrobe over the last several decades.

The film showcases Steve Jobs‘ business prowess through the founding of Apple, his years helping start Pixar and his NeXT years.

In the meantime the Ashton Kutcher flick could soon be facing some stiff competition from Sony Pictures who just purchased the film production rights to Walter Isaacson’s biography of the former Apple CEO. Sony Pictures hopes to convince The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin to write the biopic.

For his part Ashton Kutcher is having a great year, having just signed on for a 10th season of Two and a Half Men where he will now early $725,000 per episode, a $25,000 pay raise for his role as billionaire Walden Schmidt.

Here’s a first look of Kutcher as Steve Jobs thanks to a still capture from TMZ :

Do you think the former That 70s Show star can make a convincing turn as Steve Jobs or will his upcoming movie make Pirates of Silicon Valley looking like an Oscar winning made-for-TV movie?

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