Jewelry Store Offers Ashley Madison Hack Victims $500 Off $10,000 Purchase: Suggests A $250,000 BVLGARI Ballerina Ring

A jewelry store has found a way to try and help Ashley Madison hack victims mend their marriages or relationships. And that jewelry store seems to urge Ashley Madison users to take a page out of the Kobe Bryant playbook. Kobe famously bought his wife, Vanessa, a $4 million ring after it was discovered Bryant was going to trial for having what a 19-year-old said was not consensual sex, reports People.

Opulent Jewelers is the name of the jewelry store that has dedicated an entire page of their website to the Ashley Madison scandal, and has offered shoppers a deal on their big jewelry purchases. The jewelry store has gone viral on social media after explaining that they wanted to help Ashley Madison users along in their apologies by convincing them to buy a huge apology gift.

“Spend At Least $10k & Save $500 With JUSTINCASE”

And when they suggest a huge gift, they mean mortgage-the-house huge. A $250,000 BVLGARI Ballerina Ring is suggested, which makes the $500 off an at least $10,000 purchase seem nil.

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“Well it certainly has not been a good couple of months for Ashley Madison users, especially not today since the data was leaked online. While we don’t condone cheating here at Opulent Jewelers we are still often found helping a client pick out something lavish for what we can only describe as their ‘wrongdoings.’ We’re all human at the end of the day and that means we will make mistakes. Sadly for you, this one is a big one so you’ll need a little something just in case the s!%# hits the fan.”

The jewelry store points to the 1-800 Flowers ad that appeared during the first small hack, which was likely a result of computerized ad creations.

“When news of the Ashley Madison hack first broke out the quick witted people over at 1-800 Flowers offered victims a discount on their products. While this was a hilarious marketing ploy we thought that a bouquet of flowers just wasn’t going to cut it. After an hour of reading comments on Reddit threads on the topic, we found others also had come to the same conclusion.”

No word on whether the special sale being offered by Opulent Jewelers has helped any Ashley Madison hack victims save face along with their marriages.

“We thought we would jump on the bandwagon not because we’re shameless, but because we actually have the level of gift you should be really thinking about. We think the 1-800 Flowers offer should be accompanied by our fine jewelry in order to stand any chance with your significant other.”

[Image via Opulent Jewelers]

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