Reasons Anna Duggar May Choose To Stand By Josh Duggar — Did She Enter A ‘Covenant Marriage’?

With the internet abuzz with the hacked and leaked Ashley Madison website subscribers, which allows married men to hook up with women in a venue then makes cheating on your wife seem exciting, a lot of attention has been on Josh Duggar, whose sexual abuse of his sisters over a decade ago caused TLC to cancel 19 Kids And Counting, and before his family or marriage could even begin to recover from that serious setback (during which time his fourth child, a daughter, was born) it’s come to light that he has viewed pornography and cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, although Josh’s parents have allegedly distanced themselves from their son, Anna does not seem to be inclined to leave Josh Duggar, nor has there been any talk of divorce. For many people, this is simply unimaginable. She married him knowing he was a sexual offender, and now she has not taken her children and left although he’s cheated on her, possibly multiple times. Why?

First, Dr. John Cornish, a former member of the Duggar’s Christian ministry, told FOX411 that divorce is highly frowned upon.

“There are certain people in the [ministry] circles who would shun her for it. Still, as bad as it is, I would think there would be more people who would accept it if she were to (leave) because what he did is so public and so horrible.”

Although Anna has appeared to “stand by her man” during his first scandal and resignation from the Family Research Council, in which he denounced gay and transgendered people, there has been no official word from Anna on her stance regarding the latest bombshell that her husband has been cheating on her, and it’s uncertain for how long. Although it’s been stated a source said Anna is trying to absorb “some of the blame” for her husband’s cheating scandal, that source has not been named nor shown to be reputable, and is pure speculation at this point, according to The Superficial.

What is apparent is that Anna Duggar is a young mother with four children, one a newborn, and she is a stay at home wife and mother with no source of income on her own. It seems likely that Josh Duggar will be struggling financially since the cancellation of 19 Kids as well as cancelled lectures on family values — family income may be slim.

It is unclear if Anna Duggar entered a “covenant marriage” with Josh Duggar, although both Josh’s sisters have been known to enter covenant marriages. This is a highly restrictive marriage that even if divorce is warranted such as in the case of sexual abuse or infidelity, both of which Josh Duggar has committed, it can take up to 30 months of marriage counseling before a divorce is honored by the church.

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