Nathan Griffith Speaks: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Denies Provoking Jenelle Evans Prior To Arrest

Nathan Griffith claims he never provoked his ex-fiance, Jenelle Evans, prior to her August 20 arrest. Although a source told Radar Online earlier today that Nathan Griffith intentionally led Evans into her alleged assault against his new girlfriend, Jessica Henry, he claimed in a new interview with the same news site that he did no such thing.

“I wouldn’t intentionally provoke her, just saying.”

Nathan Griffith also shared a text message exchange between himself and Evans, during which he claimed Evans was acting “crazy” after she told him to come get his belongings.

“Like I said, this is why I didn’t want to be with you. You are crazy.”

Nathan Griffith began dating in June 2013, and welcomed their first child one year later. Then, in 2015, things took a quick turn for the worse following the couple’s St. Thomas engagement. In March of this year, Nathan Griffith was taken into custody after he was accused of ripping Evans’ engagement ring off her finger. Weeks later, Evans was arrested for allegedly assaulting Griffith. Still, after charges against both parties were dropped they attempted to make their relationship work until ultimately calling it quits at the end of July (At the time, Evans claimed she called off the engagement, which Nathan Griffith insists the decision to end their relationship was his).

Ironically, footage of Nathan Griffith’s March arrest aired last night, on the very same day she was being arrested.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Nathan Griffith was accused of using his former fiancee earlier this month, following their dramatic split. Below is what a source told Real Mr. Housewife of Nathan Griffith on August 11.

“Nathan has everything that he does because of Jenelle. He knew what he was doing when he got involved with her. He completely used her. I don’t believe he ever loved her. He wanted money and attention. It’s sad, but true. Hopefully Jenelle can learn from this and find a man who wants to be with her for her, not for the MTV notoriety Teen Mom 2 has brought her.”

Nathan Griffith has faced some backlash after moving on from Evans in such a quick manner. Just days after he and Evans split, he began sharing photo after photo of himself and Henry, which many felt was a bit insensitive.

For more of Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith, tune into Teen Mom 2 season 6 on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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