‘Key & Peele’ Outkast Sketch Pokes Fun At Andre 3000

Key & Peele took another dive into the world of pop culture parodies in this week’s episode by targeting the popular rap duo Outkast.

It did not take long to see exactly which member of the rap group would serve as the primary target of the sketch’s jokes – Andre Benjamin (also known as “Andre 3000.”)

In Jordan Peele’s portrayal of Big Boi, he played a low-key recording artist and celebrity who just wanted to sit down in an Atlanta coffee shop and enjoy a good book one day in 2005.

As soon as the barista recognized him and asked whether or not he was going to collaborate with Andre 3000 again, Peele’s Big Boi was quick to shoot it down.

“Nah… people grow apart.”

He did not say anything after that. He just walked away from the counter and sat down. Moments later, Andre 3000 (played by Keegan-Michael Key) walked into the coffee shop wearing an outfit that looks similar to what Andre wore in the 2003 “Hey Ya” music video.

In addition to his overall outfit, wig, and Robin Hood-esque hat, the jokes against Andre 3000 continued when Keegan-Michael Key placed his order with the barista.

“Greetings! May I have a half-caf, decaf mint mocha latte, foam on the bottom served in a flower vase? And if y’all got some green food coloring back there… throw it in!”

The barista did not hesitate to point Andre 3000 in Big Boi’s direction – something that Big Boi obviously did not want to take place. During the conversation between Andre 3000 and Big Boi in the Key & Peele Outkast sketch, it was apparently clear that Big Boi was heavily irritated by his former group mate.

It was probably because of the fact that Andre essentially forced Big Boi to refer to say “3000” at the end of his name; referred to art as the mother of his “brother from another mother” greeting; pitched a crazy idea of an album consisting of screeching metal and spoken word; and refused to claim his crazy order even after the barista repeated it out loud.

Big Boi eventually spoke up and bluntly addressed the elephant in the room, blaming Andre 3000 for messing everything up for them.

Instead of giving him the response that he wanted, Andre continuously blew on a pinwheel before shining it in Big Boi’s face.

“You know what will be even better, though, man? If you look into the pinwheel with your third eye…”

The Key & Peele sketch has definitely caught the attention of fans and critics alike on Twitter.

With the series finale of this Comedy Central show in sight, the Key & Peele Outkast sketch could very easily be remembered as one of the comedy duo’s best sketches ever.

[Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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