Josh Duggar’s Secret Facebook Account Created 4 Years After Marrying Anna, Still Active In 2014

UPDATE: The Facebook account associated with Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison account was first active in 2012, not 2008 as initially reported. Though the profile has “life events” from 2004, those events were not added to the account until 2014. Therefore, the earliest official post to the account was in 2012 which would have been four years after the oldest Duggar son married his wife Anna. The article has been updated to reflect the new information.

A secret Facebook account has been linked to the email used for Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison accounts. The account reveals that the oldest Duggar son may have been seeking out women on the social media giant after he married Anna in 2008.

Radar Online reports that the email used for the Ashley Madison accounts Josh Duggar has admitted to owning was also used for a Facebook account of a man claiming to be Joe Smithson. According to the profile, “Smithson” began posting to the social media giant back in 2004. However, Radar neglected to note that the 2004 timeline updates were actually added to the timeline in 2014, not 2004 as originally noted. That means that the first official update to the account took place in 2012. That would mean that if Josh Duggar was behind the account, he was using the website to connect with mostly women followers four years after he married Anna.

The oldest Duggar son admitted to living a “double life” and says he has been unfaithful to his wife and suffered from a pornography addiction. Therefore, it seems highly likely that part of Duggar’s “double life” was the Facebook account of Joe Smithson. According to the Daily Mail, the profile has just 32 friends, but the majority are women. The friends list includes women claiming to be strippers, lingerie photographers, and bartenders.

Josh Duggar Facebook
A screenshot of the Facebook account linked to Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison account email. The account was following three women including a dancer at a “gentlemen’s club” in Arkansas and a model.

The Facebook account is just the latest of the secret accounts that Josh Duggar allegedly operated after he married his wife, Anna, and began a career in conservative political lobbying. The disgraced Duggar has responded to the allegations of his secret life in a statement posted to the family’s official blog. Initially, Josh Duggar blamed Satan for his actions and said he was suffering from a long-term pornography addiction. However, shortly after posting the statement to the blog, the family redacted portions of the post, removing references to Satan and pornography.

It was pointed out that the photograph used was that of Jonathan Blankfein, the son of a Goldman Sachs CEO. Despite being a photo of the Harvard graduate, the profile indicates the user graduated from the University of Arkansas.

“The profile has just one picture on it, depicting Jonathan Blankfein, the son of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Blankfein is a Harvard graduate and has never lived in Arkansas while Duggar never attended college.”

Do you think fans will continue to support Josh Duggar after the latest revelations?

[Image Credit: Facebook]