Thomas Ravenel Puts ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3 At Risk By Exchanging Sex For Reality Stardom

The chance of Season 3 of Southern Charm was already in the balance, and Thomas Ravenel might have just tipped it towards cancellation. Season 2 ended with Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis on the rocks, despite having a young daughter in common, and a bit of a tussle between Shep Rose and Craig Conover. But fans were eager to see how season 3 would unfold.

But Bravo has announced a list of programs for renewal, and Southern Charm was not on that list. Bravo has not announced yet that the show has been cancelled, so there is still a chance.

But a wrench has been thrown into the works. Though Ravenel and Dennis have broken up, again, according to All About The Tea, Ravenel seems to have compromised the series to enhance his personal life. Allegedly, a model/flight attendant/interior decorator from Florida had been sharing photos of herself on Facebook with Ravenel, and they struck up a conversation. According to the report, she expressed how eager she was to be on reality television, and Ravenel said he could make it happen, on Southern Charm, if she would agree to spend three nights in a hotel with him.

Now, this is curious, because the Inquisitr reported that Ravenel said that he was not returning, no matter what, for season 3, and that meant the show was over. It seems that Thomas Ravenel blames the show in part for his disappointing showing in the recent election. After that comment, co-star Shep Rose said not to take Ravenel too seriously, as he takes to social media after a few drinks. Rose said the cancellation was “wildly speculative.”

If trading on his position on a Bravo show to get women into bed wasn’t creepy enough, it seems the flight attendant/model.interior decorator already had a boyfriend, according to Christian Post, and that boyfriend and Ravenel got into some sort of physical altercation that was captured on video, by the boyfriend, who surprised them at the Destin, Florida, hotel.

Could it get any worse or stranger for Thomas Ravenel? It seems the answer is yes, according to FITSnews. After the altercation with the woman’s boyfriend, Ravenel sent an email to Kathryn Dennis saying that the woman was not a flight attendant/model/interior decorator, but an important government official. And he disputes that she wants to be on reality television, as it would put her top secret security clearance in jeopardy.

Perhaps Shep Rose has a point about Ravenel, drinking, and the internet.

Do you think Bravo will renew Southern Charm, despite Ravenel’s behavior?

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