‘The Flash’ Season 2 Will Find Barry Allen Figuring Out What It Takes ‘To Be A Hero’

With the release of Season 2 of The Flash just around the corner, there are plenty of exciting things fans can look forward to in the new season. With that in mind, executive producer Gabrielle Stanton recently discussed the new season with Collider.

When it comes to Barry Allen’s state of mind after the events of last season, Stanton revealed that he’s going to have a lot to think about before he jumps back into things.

“He’s definitely going to start this season with a step back and be like, “What am I doing? Why am I doing this?” Stanton stated. “If last season was the journey of Barry discovering he’s a hero, this season is definitely him trying to figure out what that means. What is it to be a hero? What does he need to be a hero?”

Barry wasn’t only the character who went through a lot last season. In regards to Joe West, who faced down meta-humans and one giant gorilla in the first season, Stanton explained how Joe’s role will only expand.

“At the end of last season, with that singularity in the sky, Central City obviously knows there’s stuff going on. So, when we open up the season… Joe is going to be working on the meta-human task force at the police station, so when a call comes in, if it’s a bank robber with wings and horns and he’s shooting fire, then they’ll probably send Joe.”

In addition to the central storyline, the new season of The Flash is also set to introduce a number of new characters, including a fan favorite in Wally West.

“I knew people were going to be excited about Wally West, but I didn’t know they were going to be this excited about Wally West, which is a bummer because I can tell you nothing about Wally West,” Stanton stated. “I can say that he’s going to be on [the show] and it’s going to be really exciting. The fans will definitely like what we’re doing with him.”

Another character fans are sure to be thrilled about is Jay Garrick, who, according to Den of Geek, will be portrayed by Teddy Sears (Master of Sex).

“Having Jay Garrick come onto the show was one of our earliest ideas,” Andrew Kreisberg stated. “It is so exciting, as we rush into season two, that we finally get to bring the Crimson Comet to life. We couldn’t imagine anyone more suited to play the original Flash than Teddy.”

Season 2 of The Flash is set to premiere October 6 on CW.

[Image Courtesy: The CW]

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