Emily Ratajkowski, ‘Gone Girl’ Star: What She Learned From Ben Affleck And Others

Emily Ratajkowski of Gone Girl has opened up on what she’s learned from Ben Affleck. Her character, Andie, had played opposite married man Nick Dunne, played by Ben, and it kickstarted her rise to stardom.

Ratajkowski’s first actual appearance was in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video. However, it wasn’t until she starred alongside the Batman actor that she began her rise to becoming one of Hollywood’s most wanted.

Sharing a scene with an Oscar-winning actor for your first major role can be daunting, and Emily felt the pressure with Affleck. It was intimidating, according to People Magazine, and she took cues from everybody around her.

“They led by example. They’re all amazing actors, and I just really rose to the occasion being around that. It was monkey see, monkey do. You see how this person is doing it, and you rise the occasion.”

Emily Ratajkowski’s Gone Girl performance was quite opposite of what Maisie Williams faced in The Falling, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. In spite of the “awkward” nature of the sex scene, Williams was the veteran actress showing others the proverbial ropes in the indie drama.

Emily used her experience from Gone Girl to help her with her latest film We Are Your Friends. She opened up on the experience with reporters at the latter film’s premiere.

“One thing I loved about this movie is that not everyone knows what they want. I think we get so much pressure when we go to college to pick a major and figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life, and sometimes it’s just about taking the right steps that you know are right for you to even start figuring that out.”

Emily Ratajkowski’s Gone Girl and We Are Your Friends roles are proving to boost her value as one of today’s hottest stars, according to the New York Daily News. However, she has said she would like a role other than one that capitalizes on her appearance.

The model wants to play “someone who has nothing to do with being pretty or attractive… I’d love to play a role that surprises people.”

Do you think Emily Ratajkowski from Gone Girl can use what she’s learned from Ben Affleck and others to eventually star in roles that don’t capitalize on her looks?

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