‘Batman V Superman’ Star Ben Affleck Hoping For A Reconciliation With Jennifer Garner?

Although Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced earlier this year that they were getting a divorce, new information may indicate that the couple might get back together. In fact, the two Hollywood stars were recently seen together at the Orlando, Florida, theme park along with their children.

Although the photos show both Affleck and Garner taking their kids on various rides throughout the park, neither of them looked to be in high spirits. Even still, an inside source told Ok Magazine that Affleck doesn’t want to lose his family.

“This whole mess has made Ben realize he doesn’t want to lose his family,” the insider revealed. “Ben asked Jen if there was anything he could do to save the marriage. The trust isn’t there for her right now, but she left the door open.”

However, in contrast to the idea that Ben Affleck and Garner may reconcile in order to keep their family together, Gossip Cop is reporting that Garner is in no way ready to put an end to the divorce proceedings.

While it is true that the official divorce papers have yet to be filed, the website claims the reason for the delay is because they are still working out the settlement details. Whenever they agree on the settlement, then Garner will finally be able to file the papers.

Although their latest outing in Florida may seem to point to the idea of a possible reconciliation, an inside source recently revealed to E! Online that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star only wanted to be with his family for his birthday.

“Ben just wanted to spend his birthday weekend with his family,” the source stated. “And that’s what he did.”

The source went on to add that the two had a great time at the park, despite what the pictures may indicate.

“Despite appearances, they actually had a really good time. The kids had a great day,” the insider revealed. “Anyone who has been knows that navigating through an amusement park with multiple children is difficult at times. But they had a great day.”

In regards to the idea that Affleck and Garner might get back together and save their marriage, another inside revealed that it isn’t likely to happen.

“Ben and Jen are making the best of the situation,” the source explained. “They are just trying to get through the separation and have put on really brave faces.”

Ben Affleck can next be seen on the big screen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in March 2016.

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