LA Lakers Rumors: Team Has Two Trade Targets And One More Free Agent In Their Sights Before Regular Season

The LA Lakers finally have a full roster after signing Michael Frazier and Jonathan Holmes to training camp deals. It appears as if they are happy with the current roster and feel as if it could be a good one going into the regular season, but that doesn’t mean a team isn’t looking. Rumors are swirling that the Lakers could look to sign free agent Norris Cole and possibly trade for either Jose Calderon or Markieff Morris.

Morris has already expressed his displeasure with the Phoenix Suns after they traded away his twin brother. It’s quite possible that he’ll be out of there sooner rather than later, and the Lakers are one team that could be a great landing spot for him.

Jose Calderon is an interesting story in that the New York Knicks’ player recently came out and said that other teams are interested in him.

With rumors going around that the Knicks are interested in trading for Ricky Rubio or Jamal Crawford, Calderon is needed. To match the salaries of either one of those players in a trade, it would be next to impossible to do it without Calderon.

That being said, Calderon could be heading to the Minnesota Timberwolves or Los Angeles Clippers. Then again, the Lakers could end up finding benefit in Calderon’s veteran skills to back up young stars D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson.

That is especially true if Kobe Bryant is indeed in the final year of his NBA playing career and decides to retire next summer.

On another note, some close to the situation with Jose Calderon have come out and said things differently. They have stated that no trade is on the horizon and that he will likely stay put, at least for now.

If nothing ends up happening with Calderon, there is still a free agent out there who is keeping a lot of teams waiting, and that’s Norris Cole. Not only is he keeping the New Orleans Pelicans waiting, but a host of other teams as well, including the Lakers.

The thing is, the Pelicans want him back, and he is a restricted free agent. Any offer made by the Lakers or any other team could be matched by New Orleans, and it’s keeping a lot from coming his way.

The LA Lakers have rumors flying, but the training camp roster appears set. Yes, anything could happen with Norris Cole, Markieff Morris, Jose Calderon, or any other player, but for now, the roster is set.

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