Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Back Together? Couple Allegedly Staying Together For Family

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck seem to have decided against their pending split for now. Despite the Batman actor’s alleged affair with ex-nanny Christine Ouzounian, it seems Ben doesn’t want to lose his family.

The first indication that Affleck and Garner are trying to make amends was when the couple were spotted at Walt Disney World in Orlando on August 16. Ben’s birthday had been planned this way, having not only Jennifer and their kids in tow, but also Affleck’s mother. Young Samuel, 3, had allegedly been crying until the couple and their children all rode Dumbo, Disney’s famous flying elephant.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck sported their wedding rings at the Disney World outing, possibly symbolizing that they were giving the relationship one more chance. An insider noticed the effort it was taking for them to keep the family together.

“They are both making the best of a hard situation. It’s hard to get through an amusement park sometimes with three kids. It’s not always easy, especially when there are a lot of onlookers… They did it together and the kids had a great time, which is what they both wanted.”

Another source said that Jennifer wasn’t angry with Ben as much as simply disappointed at his choices around their ex-nanny Christine Ouzounian.

“She told him that since they were separated at the time, he could do what he wanted, but it was upsetting that he chose to spend his downtime with the nanny instead of with the kids or making an effort with her.”

Ben allegedly told Jennifer that he would stop drinking and gambling and try to turn his life around. The insider claims she doesn’t yet believe him.

“Jen says she’ll believe it when she sees it, but she’s put the divorce on hold for now to give him one last chance.”

Do you think Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck can save their marriage for the sake of the family?

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