Windows 10 Three Weeks On: Market Share Growth Stops, Bugs, Flaws, And Privacy Concerns

Windows 10 took the computer industry by storm on July 31 with millions of people taking advantage of the operating system’s free upgrade offer from Microsoft’s previous Windows versions — Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

Since then, Windows 10 has been receiving a confusing mix of praise and criticism, with some praising it for its new features and design, and others complaining about privacy issues, software bugs, and hardware incompatibility.

While Microsoft has been trying hard to fix the Windows 10 flaws that have been surfacing since its beta version was released months earlier, many Windows users are still hesitant to upgrade right away and have decided to wait a few months till more bugs and flaws are resolved.

The worst news for Windows 10 came earlier this week, with Computer World reporting that the new operating system’s usage share has slowly dropped over the past week.

That’s right. Windows 10, which caught tech headlines just a few weeks ago, has seen its usage share decline from almost 6.6 percent on Sunday to 5.7 percent on Tuesday. Yet Computer World’s Gregg Keizer described the decline as “normal.”

“Consumer-oriented operating systems, as are the vast bulk of those that have been upgraded to Windows 10, typically peak on weekends, then fall when people return to work where they sit in front of an older OS on their office devices.”

The Windows 10 compatibility issues, bugs, privacy concerns, and rumors may have led many Windows users who hurriedly upgraded to Windows 10 to decide to switch back to their earlier Windows versions that they’ve been using for months and years.

Infoworld has even published “10 reasons you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 10,” listing Windows 10’s forced updates, its incompatibility with some widely used apps, and the absence of the famous Windows Media Center as major reasons why some would prefer not to upgrade to Windows 10 so soon.

Euronews also listed the pros, cons, successes, and failures of Windows 10.

What has Windows 10 been good at according to Euronews?

  • Getting millions to download it
  • Bringing back the start menu (with a slightly new look, but definitely better that the Windows 8 start screen)
  • Its “geek approval”
  • And the fact that some Apple users are starting to love it

What has Windows 10 failed at?

  • The fact that it can remove any software or hardware it deems to be illegal
  • The privacy issues and concerns
  • The fact that your internet connection (unless you opt out) gets shared with others to speed up their Windows 10 download and installation
  • Problematic nightmarish updates that turn your computer into a never-ending restarting machine
  • The lack of success in getting Edge (its new browser, if you haven’t heard of it) to gain any level of popularity
  • And numerous compatibility issues

Of course, many still hope to upgrade to Windows 10 and are just waiting – patiently – for the bugs, flaws, and setbacks of Windows 10 to be all patched up and resolved before taking that step.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet? How has your experience been and have you decided to downgrade back from Windows 10 to an older version? Leave your comments below.

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