‘Drag Me Down’ Video Gets 1.11 Million Views On YouTube, With 3.5 Million Tweets About The #DragMeDownMusicVideo

The music video by One Direction for their “Drag Me Down” song has been long awaited. As reported by the Inquisitr, #DragMeDownDay trended prior to the video itself debuting. Now that the astronaut-themed “Drag Me Down” video has launched, it’s the #DragMeDownMusicVideo hashtag that’s taking over Twitter, with 3.51 million tweets about the new song.

With nearly 500,000 thumbs up on YouTube and more than 1.11 million views in less than 24 hours, the “Drag Me Down” music video is a bonafide viral hit for a song that was already pretty popular. Harry Styles can be seen in the “Drag Me Down” video looking down into the camera as the cross on his neck floats eloquently around. Singing about not letting any situation drag a person down, One Direction has an anthem on their hands with “Drag Me Down” that crosses all ages, races, and location barriers.

There are explanations of the “Drag Me Down” video on the BBC’s website, which explain that the One Direction band members are displayed going through a shortened training process in the video. The “Drag Me Down” video was filmed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, therefore, there’s an authentic feel to the video where the guys try their hands at becoming astronauts ready to launch out into space.

One Direction tries out a prototype Mars rover and go through a workout regimen in the “Drag Me Down” video, training exercises that real astronauts would need to master.

The absence of Zayn Malik, who famously left One Direction and went on to tweet about making “real music,” isn’t really a problem in the new “Drag Me Down” video, as reported by E! Online. The fellas seem to be doing just fine without Malik, and one can’t help but wonder if the “Drag Me Down” lyrics aren’t an inspirational dig at anyone who has ever left them or didn’t fully support the group members throughout their lives.

The success of One Direction is reminiscent of the days when Destiny’s Child had a famous shifting of band members and came back even stronger with their anthem “Survivor,” all about how the band survived emotional breakups.

Overall, the consensus on Twitter is that fans love the “Drag Me Down” video so much that they are replaying it, with some reporting pausing the video to scream aloud.

“It’s been five years, but they still give me that feeling when I saw them for the first time

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