‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: New Week 9 Target Revealed On ‘BB17’

Big Brother 17 spoilers reveal a new Week 9 target in the BB17 house. These latest Big Brother 17 spoilers come from early Thursday (August 20), as some of the houseguests are preparing to make a big move in the game. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it is going to be Becky Burgess who gets evicted on Thursday night. It is what takes place afterwards that will become notable in the game. A report from fan site Big Brother Network now showcases a plan where the entire house has turned against Vanessa Rousso.

Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan are ready to finally make a move against Vanessa. The trio has enlisted the help of Steve Moses and John McGuire to ensure they have the numbers to make it work. They have even devised a plan to share with her, where the plan is to target Meg Maley and James Huling for eviction. When she leaves the room, though, the five players concoct plans to have her become the main Week 9 target in the BB17 house. It’s possible that she never even realizes that she has become the main target.

These Big Brother 17 spoilers are certainly contingent on Vanessa Rousso not winning the next Head of Household competition. It takes place on the Thursday night episode, where she only has to beat out six other people to take over power in the house. Vanessa has done it before, so there is a good chance that she could find a way to win it again. Her main threats seem to be James Huling and John McGuire, as those two seem to have the best records at winning competitions this season.

As far as James and Meg go, they both feel that they are targets once Becky Burgess is eliminated. They don’t know that Steve is working with Austin and the twins, something that could certainly hurt them a lot if they don’t figure it out. If they play along with what is taking place right now, though, they should survive to at least see Week 10 in the BB17 house. After that, it would likely require working with John and Steve to prolong their lives in the game.

Barring a major twist taking place before the “live” eviction on August 20, the entire house will head into the next Head of Household competition with a lot on the line. Vanessa Rousso may now be the only person who doesn’t want to see Vanessa evicted in Week 9. Stay tuned for more Big Brother 17 spoilers following that next HOH being decided, because things are going to get very exciting in the house.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]

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