‘WE Day’ 2015: ABC Special Broadcasts National #WEDay With Celebs, Common, Jennifer Hudson, Selena Gomez, And Tyrese Gibson

We Day is an exciting new ABC special that is set to air on Friday. The WE Day special marks the first time ABC will broadcast the national celebration. WE Day 2015 is a global network of young people who are committed to focusing on changing the world. It promotes the idea of thinking in terms of “we,” as in “we can change the world,” instead of focusing on one’s own personal issues.

For the WE Day broadcast, ABC viewers can expect to be entertained by a group of their favorite stars and celebs who will lend their voices to help support these important causes. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, The Band Perry, Tyrese Gibson, Paul Rudd, Macklemore, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and Colbie Caillat are all set to appear. You will also hear the true and inspiring stories of people all around the country who are dealing with various social issues, such as bullying.

Young people today are the leaders in bringing about social awareness in their local communities. In many cities all around the U.S., young American adults are marching, protesting, and visiting their local government offices — in effect, doing everything possible to bring change. We first heard the word “change” during President Barack Obama’s 2008 speeches. Not only has he brought about tremendous change during his leadership, but he has encouraged America’s young to also fight for what they believe in.

WE Day began in Toronto, Canada, but is also now celebrated in the U.K. and the U.S. First organized in 2007, the movement was meant to empower young people globally. It was founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger, and the event attracts all sorts of volunteers who are looking to create world change. Inspirational speeches are given by activists, politicians, grass roots organizers, and now—even celebrities.

Every year, the WE Day celebration gives volunteers something to look forward to, and they are thankful for the opportunity to participate.

“Listening to Mr Kielburger speak to us was like being in another world, one where anything is possible. He spoke about how one of the goals of Free The Children was to empower young people and by the end of his speech we certainly felt empowered to get up and make a change. Thank you Mr Kielburger for taking the time to speak to us, our eyes have been greatly opened thanks to you.”

According to the WE Day website, they are still accepting volunteers. If interested, communicate with the Free The Children Team at youth@freethechildren.com or join their Facebook and Twitter pages (twitter.com/craigkielburger). Watch the special at 7 p.m. Central on ABC.

Check out the trailer for the ABC’s WE Day.

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