‘Rookie Blue’: Marlo In Labor, Plus 15 Division After The Corruption Scandal [Video]

It is one thing to accept that your boyfriend – and, later, fiancé – is having a baby with another woman. It is another to be the one present when she goes into labor. That is what is coming up in the next Rookie Blue season 6 (or 5, depending on where you live) episode.

It has never been easy for Andy and Sam on Rookie Blue. They have had more than their fair share of ups and downs, and just as it seemed that they had settled, they found out Marlo is pregnant with Sam’s baby. Since there was no cheating involved, it made things even more complicated; Andy couldn’t exactly be angry with him for sleeping with the woman he was with, but at the same time, he is having a child with another woman. Still, they were able to move past it, and they have even gotten engaged since the news of Marlo’s pregnancy.

But that does not mean that Andy and Marlo are suddenly going to become best friends. However, what is going to happen is that, in this next Rookie Blue episode, during a heat wave, when Andy and Marlo are tracking down a volatile patient who has gone missing from group therapy, Andy is going to be the one there when Marlo goes into labor in a high-rise condo that does not have power. Meanwhile, Jarvis opens up 15 Division to the public as a cooling station as the officers try to move on from the corruption scandal.

ABC.com has posted a sneak peek along with a couple of photos, from the aptly-titled heat wave episode, “Ninety Degrees,” in which Andy and Marlo have found Sylvia, but she refuses to leave with them. With Marlo in labor – and her contractions two minutes apart – the only thing they can do is wait there for the ambulance because they cannot risk her getting stuck in the stairwell. However, there is only so long that they can wait because then Marlo says she has to push, and that means Andy has no choice but to help her.

Meanwhile, as stated above, 15 Division needs to find a way to move past the corruption scandal. The last Rookie Blue episode saw the officers looking for a way to clear Oliver’s name, and in the end, Commissioner Santana and Steve Peck were arrested. It’s going to be tough to move forward from that one, and it is obviously going to mean some changes; changes that are teased in the official synopsis Broadway World posted for the August 27 episode, “Breaking Up the Band.”

“Now that Sam and Marlo’s baby girl has arrived, it’s evident that nothing could have prepared Andy for this moment. So when she hears of an opportunity to leave town for 4 months to work on an undercover project, she considers taking it. Meanwhile, Jarvis reveals the shocking news that 15 Division will be restructured following the corruption scandal.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, no decision about the show’s future has been made as of yet, meaning that any changes that do come for 15 Division may not necessarily be seen playing out on screen for that long.

Rookie Blue season 6 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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