Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Kam Chancellor Will Not Play For Seahawks Without New Deal

Seattle Seahawks rumors about Kam Chancellor just got worse. The new Seahawks rumors indicate that Chancellor will not report to the team until he gets a new contract. A report from ESPN on Thursday (August 20) states that Chancellor’s agent has officially laid down the gauntlet. The holdout has already been a distraction during the Seahawks’ training camp, but this revelation might just take it to the next level. It’s also going to displease fans quite a bit.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the holdout began back on July 31, with a proclamation coming that he wanted a pay raise built into his deal. Chancellor is currently scheduled to make $4.55 million during the 2015 NFL season, and a total of $16.88 million over the next three seasons. This is part of a four-year, $28 million contract that he signed ahead of the 2013 NFL season. Now, Chancellor wants more money, and his agent has been very blunt in speaking about it.

“Nothing has changed. He will not report without his contract being addressed this season. The team and I have been in contact, but we haven’t been able to agree on any compromise.”

These Seattle Seahawks rumors are not what the team wants to be dealing with as it attempts to make a third-straight Super Bowl. Picked as one of the favorites to win the NFC (along with the Green Bay Packers), the roster also might be stronger than it has been the past two seasons. Adding Jimmy Graham at tight end makes the offense much better, and locking up Russell Wilson with a long-term contract will make the team-leader more comfortable. Having a member of the “Legion of Boom” continues to hold out derails a lot of that momentum.

It’s possible that this latest bit of information from Kam Chancellor’s agent is a bluff, but the Seahawks might need to address the situation quickly. Chancellor is one of the best safeties in the NFL, and losing him from the secondary could be a big blow to the Seattle defense. The team has to make sure that he is happy heading into the regular season, otherwise this could become a huge distraction. Most questions about training camp still focus on Chancellor and his absence, so it will likely get worse moving forward.

With each passing day, Seahawks fans are also getting more frustrated with Kam Chancellor for this holdout. Social media hasn’t been very kind to a player who is still under contract for three more years. While an argument could be made that he is underpaid by NFL standards, he still makes more money than most fans will in their lifetimes. Coach Pete Carroll has walked a fine line when discussing these Seattle Seahawks rumors, but maybe he needs to publicly implore Chancellor to return to the field now.

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