Ashley Madison Leak Reveals People Are Simply Too Dumb And Lazy To Cheat

The Ashley Madison leak is revealing more than just sensitive personal information and sexual fantasies of its reported 37 million members. It’s also revealing that people are simply too dumb and lazy to cheat, especially when setting up their profiles on the adultery website.

Ashley Madison is an online dating website that blatantly promotes infidelity. Their slogan is short, yet simple: “Life is short. Have an affair.” The company has bragged that they have 37 million members from 46 countries. Now, those members are being exposed because of an anonymous hacking group called Impact Team.

Back in July, the hackers threatened to release the personal information of each and every member on the website and its peer site, Their motive? They wanted Ashley Madison and Established Men to go offline. Avid Life Media, Inc., the company behind these sites, didn’t follow through with the hacker’s wishes and now, their members are paying for it by having their sensitive information exposed to the World Wide Web.

The hackers released the Ashley Madison data to Reddit, underground forums, and parts of the Deep Web. Now, it’s been circulated on social media sites like Twitter, as previously reported via the Inquisitr. Now, Avid Media is now using copyright and DMCA to remove people’s tweets about Ashley Madison.

The Ashley Madison leak is revealing more than the millions of members that cheat on their significant others. It’s also revealing that its members are too stupid to cheat, according to the New York Times contributing Op-Ed writer, Jennifer Weiner.

The writer claims that most of the 32 million members were stupid enough to use their work emails to set up “secret” and “discreet” affairs with other married people. She also blames Americans for becoming stupid and lazy over the past few years.

“In the wake of Tuesday’s revelation that up to 15,000 of Ashley Madison’s would-be philanderers might work for the United States government or military, I want to add yet another: ‘You are a government employee and you were too stupid to create a new email account when you registered on a website for cheaters.’ “

Is it really fair to call Americans stupid and idiotic in wake of the Ashley Madison leak? The hack is affecting other parts of the world, including people living in Canada and the U.K., for instance. This just means that human beings in general are too stupid to cheat. But most people would argue that cheating — or even thinking about cheating — is stupid to do.

The Ashley Madison data dump not only uncovered thousands of sexually suggestive messages, sexual fantasies, pick-up lines, and personal information. It also uncovered the birthdates and ages of most of its members. Most of the members on the Ashley Madison site gave fake birthdates, according to a previous report via the Washington Post.

One out of every 12 Ashley Madison members was born on New Year’s Day. January 1 is one of the most popular birthdates that members selected. It’s because the site asks its members to choose by month, day, and year, and only some members changed the year. According to the report, members were simply too lazy to enter their actual birthdate. Choosing the same number for the day and month is easier, obviously.

About 124,000 of those members claimed they were born on Valentine’s Day, as a Twitter user noted on Thursday, August 20. The most common year that people gave was 1965 and 1978. Another common decade that Ashley Madison’s members chose was 1980, making other people assume they were “80s babies.”

It’s likely that a large number of those accounts were fakes. It’s been rumored that Ashley Madison has a large number of female profiles that are actually bot accounts. But it’s interesting to see how stupid and lazy people can be, especially when it comes to cheating. Do you agree? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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