‘NCIS’ Star Michael Weatherly Thinks Dempsey’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exit Was ‘Personal’

The exit of Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy shocked fans during Season 11, and many are still talking about the exit and sharing their feelings about it. The latest to speak up about the death of Derek Shepherd is Michael Weatherly, who stars on another long-running drama, NCIS. TV Fanatic interviewed Weatherly about the upcoming NCIS Season 13, and he decided to share his feelings about Grey’s Anatomy.

He did not understand the need to kill off Patrick Dempsey’s character. According to a previous Inquisitr report, Shonda Rhimes revealed recently that she needed to kill off Derek to keep the love he shared with Meredith true. If he ran off and left her with the kids, it would have destroyed their love story. Instead, she decided to kill him off.

This did not set well with Weatherly at all.

“Shonda is fantastic… but I don’t like what they did with Dempsey [on Grey’s Anatomy] just as a viewer. I just feel like there were more creative ways for Meredith to deal with that situation and more dramatic ways. To me, it felt small, petty, mean and personal. ‘We’re going to kill Patrick in a car crash because he likes to race cars.’ To me, and maybe I’m reading into it, but to me it was overt and maybe they had problems with Patrick – but it was personal and to me that’s not good storytelling.”

Many fans were upset by the death of Derek Shepherd, and Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 is set to shake things up for Meredith. Some speculation has teased that this might be the season fans see Meredith follow her mother’s path in another way. This might be the season she develops Alzheimer’s herself.

Rhimes has teased what is next for Meredith for Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy, but she did not reveal much. E! News shared some of her comments this week.

“I have not planned to [introduce a new love interest for her] and that’s not really the focus of what we’re doing with her right now. Meredith is in a rebirth and she’s evolving. I’m watching the character do what the character’s doing and I’ll see where it goes.”

One possibility is the return of Sandra Oh to the series. She left at the end of Season 10, and she did reunite with Kevin McKidd recently. She shared a photo of the two of them together earlier this week. That is only furthering the return speculation surrounding Sandra Oh.

Fans will need to watch Grey’s Anatomy when it returns to ABC next month. What do you think? Are you surprised by Michael Weatherly’s comments about Grey’s Anatomy?

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