Regal Entertainment Group Increases Security At Movie Theaters

Patrons at movie theaters within the Regal Entertainment Group will see an increase in security. The chain will now start checking bags and purses, but admits that there are flaws with this system. While it will inconvenience guests, the company hopes that it will provide better security for all.

The decision has come after an increase in shootings at theaters across the United States. The company never made an officially announcement to say when it started, but many have taken to social media and other online forums to report the change in procedure. Customers in Florida, Texas, Virginia and Ohio have reported their bags have been searched before entering movie theaters.

According to Winnipeg Free Press, the Regal Entertainment Group is not the only chain to take action. Showcase has also decided to make changes. Rather than searching bags, the company decided to ban all backpacks and packages. Bags and purses may be searched, which Showcase has reserved the right to do. The company has been very upfront about this change, stating that the policy came into effect on Aug. 7. There are 30 movie theaters in the chain, compared to the 570 in the Regal Entertainment chain.

Most customers have not complained, but wanted to warn others online. One customer told that an employee at the Regal Cinemas in Connecticut just poked around to look inside her handbag, and then they were allowed in. She was happy to comply with the request, as it increases the security and safety of everyone else.

There have been numerous reports lately of shootings in movie theaters. A gunman killed himself after shooting two women at a Lafayette theater on July 23. Just two weeks later, police killed a man in Tennessee, who attacked movie theater patrons with a pellet gun and hatchet. These incidents were shortly after the attack on the Charleston church, where nine people were killed.

Regal Entertainment Group increased security considerably at the premiere of Straight Outta Compton in Los Angeles. The chain decided that barricades and metal detectors were needed before anybody could get tickets to see the movie.

While some will complain that it is becoming a “nanny state,” there are many others who welcome the increased security. Unfortunately, there are too many incidents, and these security increases could help to prevent future shootings in movie theaters. Other theater chains have likely followed Regal Entertainment Group’s lead, but refuse to comment on security changes in public.

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