John Luke Robertson Gets Hitched: Best Moments From ‘Duck Dynasty’ Wedding

Last night was the wedding of John Luke Robertson, and also the season finale of Duck Dynasty, and it was certainly something to talk about. All sorts of emotions happened as viewers witnessed the wedding of John Luke and Mary Kate McEacharn on the A&E reality show on Wednesday. This anticipated episode did not leave fans disappointed, as Fox News reported.

The outdoor wedding was beautiful as John Luke pledged his love to Mary Kate for a life full of happiness, and probably some crazy times, as well. After all, this is the Robertson family that she married into. There were a few surprising, and also some not-so-surprising, moments from watching the season finale.

Who knew that John Luke loved his man-bun so much! He was fretful about cutting his hair too short, and asked if he could keep his man-bun for the ceremony. He ended up sacrificing for his bride and cutting it off just for her.

Willie Robertson seems to be quite the ladies’ man. When talking about what he thought of a bride’s wedding dress, all he could think of is how fast one could get it off. Korie mentioned having like a hundred tiny buttons on the back of a dress and her husband laughed about that.

“We’d be picking those suckers off the floor.”

Duck Dynasty fans also learned that patriarch Phil is a romantic sort of guy. Well, somewhat romantic. He did admit to writing Miss Kay a love note one time many years ago. Miss Kay took that note and taped it to the headboard of their bed, and it is still there today. It was simple, yet quite cute.

“Miss Kay, I love you. I always have, I always will.”

Maybe John Luke can take his grandad’s romantic gestures and do something like that for his new bride. Mary Kate is learning many things about her husband, even before they got hitched. He is a definite “spur of the moment” kind of guy, although he does say that he is somewhat of a planner.

The rehearsal dinner was full of emotion, as family members got up to give their own marital advice to the couple. Miss Kay has a special place in her heart for John Luke and she told a story of how her grandson has always placed others first before himself. She said what is on her heart.

“For John Luke to find his soul mate for a lifetime, it makes me so happy because I know they’re just like Phil and I, they’re committed for life.”

It is also official. Willie Robertson cries more than his wife, Korie. He could barely make it through his speech without crying. It was really sweet.

The Robertson wedding went off without a hitch. There were tears of happiness, fireworks, and a new life together for this couple. They also went on an extraordinary honeymoon, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The family also just celebrated their 100th episode of Duck Dynasty as they shared some photos on their social media accounts. There has been some amazing moments from this reality show.

What did you think of John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate’s wedding?

[Photo by Mary Kate Robertson / Instagram]

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