Dez Bryant Loses More Than A Fight In Cowboys’ Brawl

Dez Bryant was a two-time loser in Tuesday’s brawl between players from the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams. Someone must tell him that he needs to bring his football helmet to a fist fight. Not only did Dez Bryant get hit, but he got punched square in the face because he was not wearing a football helmet when the punch came. As a result, Bryant risked suffering an injury similar to New York Jets’ quarterback Geno Smith.

As many can recall, Smith is going to miss the next 6-10 weeks after having his jaw broken in two places from a punch by a Jets teammate.

That could have happened to Dez Bryant, or perhaps something worse.

During the brawl Bryant did lose something of great value to him, his diamond earing.

According to CBS Sports, Dez Bryant actually lost his earring during the scrum. It was later found and return to him by a security guard, a gesture that was not lost on the star wide receiver. He expressed his gratitude despite his softened nose.

“I don’t know how the hell you found that. I appreciate that.”

After the fight Dez Bryant was still steaming. He took his thoughts to Twitter, but has since deleted his tweet. What he said can be seen here courtesy of the Dallas Morning News.

His frustrations were somewhat self-inflicted here. Bryant was not practicing on Tueday. He was sitting out to nurse a sore hamstring injury, and he never had to get involved in the skirmish. It was his second fight in less than three weeks.

If nothing else, Dez Bryant is passionate. He is passionate about football, about his game, about his teammates, and about his diamond earrings. It was his passion for his Dallas Cowboys teammates which led him out to the field to help in the brawl. That could have cost him and the Cowboys dearly. Thankfully, all it cost him was a few seconds of indignity and temporary lost of his expensive diamond earring. While Bryant is thankful for being reunited with his precious jewelry, he dodged a bullet here. The price he could have paid had the potential to be a whole lot more. NFL bodies are hitting the floor at a high rate.

It was a mere punched that will sideline the aformentioned Geno Smith. In Charlotte, Carolina the Panthers are faced with the prospects of losing WR Kelvin Benjamin to a torn ACL. All Benjamin was doing was running. In Chicago the Bears will be without rookie receiver Kevin White. White fractured his left shin while running during OTA’s.

Dez Bryant is a lucky man today. He is lucky that he did not suffer an injury from a freak accident. Thankfully all Dez Bryant lost was a little bit of dignity and a diamond earring. And both of those loses were temporary.

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport)

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