Mike Epps Gets Busted! Comedian’s Wife Catches Him Trying To Cheat On Twitter

The advent of social media has undoubtedly made it easier for people to interact and get really, really friendly with people of the opposite sex. It also made it easier for others to cheat on their spouses (Hello, Ashley Madison!) Conversely, it also meant that people could also easily get caught, as comedian Mike Epps found out recently.

The stand-up comedian’s interest was seemingly piqued when one woman ranted something about “spoilers” on Twitter last week. The woman, who uses the Twitter handle @CeciCitra, soon received a “hey” from someone using Epps’ Twitter name @TheRealMikeEpps. When she responded, he followed it up by inquiring whether she was “on ig.” When @CeciCitra replied that she wasn’t on Instagram anymore because she “wasn’t getting the likes I deserve,” Epps asked her to “DM me.”

Now direct messaging someone isn’t really a crime, as it could lead to more meaningful conversations and maybe a new friend. However, it’s safe to say that no wife or husband would want to see their partner requesting someone to DM them. Mike Epps’ wife, Mechelle, certainly seemed to be against it. But instead of ignoring it and handling it privately with her husband, Mechelle decided it would be better if she joined the conversation between @CeciCitra and @TheRealMikeEpps and tweeted a pair of emoji eyeballs to the two.

That probably put a damper on Mike Epps’ interest, as he stopped tweeting. As for @CeciCitra, she later tweeted a screenshot that shows Epps had blocked her.

The exchange quickly caught the attention of Twitter users, who had a field day making fun of Epps being caught by his wife.

But Mike Epps has since returned to Twitter and posted an apology to his fans for the drama that had happened and said that “I don’t run my account by self fyi my nephew DM girls and they find out it’s not me.”

Unfortunately, people aren’t buying what the 44-year-old is selling and have flooded Mike Epps’ mentions by posting another round of tweets filled with emojis and funny memes regarding his excuse. Some have likened his excuse to the one about the dog eating his homework, while others uploaded memes of people laughing or looking skeptical.

But the woman involved in the debacle, @CeciCitra, seems to be undaunted by the attention and has even called Epps out on his excuse that his nephew sent the tweets.

As for Mechelle, she hasn’t tweeted anything. She doesn’t need to.

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