Anna Duggar Divorce Rumors: ’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Urged To Leave Husband Amid New Cheating Reports

The Anna Duggar divorce rumors are once again kicking into high gear after reports that her 19 Kids and Counting star husband may have been going behind her back to cheat.

Josh Duggar, who is already embroiled in controversy over allegations that he molested young girls as a teenager, was identified on Wednesday as a user of the dating website Ashley Madison, which gives married users an outlet to cheat on their spouses.

Though neither Josh nor Anna have spoken publicly about the allegations, the story has revived rumors that Anna Duggar could be headed for divorce. When the original scandal broke, many people reached out to Anna encouraging her to leave her husband.

Now many more are speaking out, leaving messages on social media and once again encouraging Anna to leave Josh.

There may already be trouble between Anna Duggar and her husband. Just hours after Anna gave birth in July to their daughter, Meredith Grace Duggar, Josh left his wife to attend a minor league baseball game.

But up to this point, Anna Duggar has stood by her husband even in light of the molestation allegations. Not long after the scandal broke, she addressed fans on Facebook and said Josh came clean about his past and that they worked through the problems.

“And when you, our sweet fans, first met me when Josh asked me to marry him… I was able to say, “Yes” knowing who Josh really is – someone who had gone down a wrong path and had humbled himself before God and those whom he had offended. Someone who had received the help needed to change the direction of his life and do what is right. I want to say thank you to those who took time over a decade ago to help Josh in a time of crisis. Your investment changed his life from going down the wrong path to doing what is right.”

News of Josh’s alleged cheating came as family members were trying to put the previous scandal behind them. Amy Duggar, cousin to the 19 Kids and Counting clan, said she didn’t know about Josh’s past before the scandal hit the news earlier this year.

“I didn’t know about any of it,” Amy told People magazine. “It took me by surprise.”

“I knew that he did go away for a little bit, but I didn’t know why,” added.

Amy added that family members are now just trying to move on from the scandal. “Honestly, I don’t even think about it,” she said. “I think we’re all past it.”

Some point out that it may be incredibly difficult for Anna Duggar to divorce her husband. As a mother of four with no significant education or job experience, she likely relies on Josh, and their strict religious background also frowns on divorce.

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