K-Pop Idol Rain Relishes In Success Of First Lead Role In Drama – ‘Diamond Lover’ Extremely Popular In China

When it comes to K-dramas, most people – especially those who are new to it – automatically believe all of the shows featuring Korean actors originate from Korea. Such a misconception probably derives from the fact the term is shorthand for “Korean dramas.” However, it has become more of a blanket term that includes other East Asian dramas, especially ones from Taiwan and China, despite the fact that they are not K-dramas.

To be frank, such confusion can be somewhat justified given two facts. The first fact is that true K-dramas (ones originating from Korea) can be popular in other East Asian countries. This is definitely true for Kim Soo Hyun. The Korean actor of Producer had major popularity in China while starring in an earlier K-drama, My Love From Another Star. Apparently, Soo Hyun’s appeal was so big, Korean coffee chain Caffe Bene hired him as their spokesperson to implement more branches in China.

As for the second fact, there are many K-drama stars and K-pop idols who act in Chinese and Taiwanese dramas. With that in mind, Jung Ji Hoon – better known by his stage name “Rain” – isn’t just an excellent example, but also a testament to its success. News reports now show that Rain is enjoying tremendous popularity in China for his role in Chinese drama Diamond Lover.

To understand just how popular Rain is in China, Diamond Lover boasted over 3.3 billion views since Thursday, August 13, 2015, when the 42nd episode of the 68-episode drama aired, as reported by KpopStarz. It should also be noted the drama’s original soundtrack is also receiving a lot of praise in which Rain contributed both as a singer and producer.

China’s news site QQ provided the following statement pertaining to Diamond Lover, which was later presented on Korean news site OSEN.

“The top star lineup cast and interesting story line have captured many viewers’ attention, making it a drama worth watching.”

It also helps out that both Rain and the female lead of Diamond Lover, Tiffany Tang, have excellent chemistry, as reported by KdramaStars. Said chemistry was probably gained from their previous time they worked together for the movie For Love Or Money.

In the end, it is good that Rain is delivering with his role in Diamond Lover. If he did not, the drama would have paid a hefty price for nothing since it was previously reported Rain got paid a whopping $5.4 million to star in it.

[Image via Rain Bi Jung Ji Hoon’s Facebook Community Page]

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