Dean McDermott Child Support Troubles: Reality Star Owes $8,700 To Ex-Wife, Could Go To Jail If He Doesn’t Pay

Dean McDermott is very behind on his child support payments, and could wind up going to jail if he doesn’t pay up soon.

Court documents released this week show that the reality star and husband to Tori Spelling owes five months of child support for his son with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace.

The court filing, published by InTouch Weekly, shows that McDermott received a delinquency notice to the tune of $8,700.

A source told the magazine that McDermott believed his ex-wife wouldn’t go to court to take action against him.

“He’s a deadbeat dad,” a source said. “He never thought he’d be served.”

The court filing came just weeks after reports that Dean and Tori had run into some big financial difficulties. After the couple moved out of their Encino, California, home in July, reports surfaced that they had fallen on hard times.

Tori had spoken publicly about their money troubles, saying that they lived “paycheck to paycheck.” But a source said the move wasn’t related to any financial difficulties.

“Tori and Dean moved into a new house — it’s the same number of bedrooms and everything,” the source told Us Weekly. “They just moved because their lease was up, nothing more to it than that. It was not a downsizing thing.”

There have been reports of arguments over money within the Spelling family. Last year, Tori’s brother, Randy, said publicly that the will for his wealthy father was “lopsided.”

“I don’t know what really happened with my father’s will,” Randy said during an interview on Oprah: Where Are They Now? “To a lot of people, [our inheritance] was probably out of balance, considering what he had. To my knowing, my sister and I got equal amounts.”

Randy said it didn’t bother him that father Aaron Spelling didn’t leave him a fortune.

“Would it have been nice to have been left a whole lot of money? Yes,” he says. “[But] things happen the way they need to, and my life right now might look very different if I had $10 million sitting in the bank. So, I had to get my wings burned a little bit and fall to learn how to just live rather normally.”

The court document shows that Dean McDermott has to make his child support payment within 30 days or else face action from the court. A source said he could lose his driver’s license or even get thrown in jail.

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