Mike Epps Direct Message: Comedian Mike Epps Gets Caught In Twitter Exchange By Wife Who’s ‘Always Watching’

Mike Epps was asked to send a direct message to a woman on Twitter, but before he even got that far, his wife, Mechelle Epps, was on to him. According to Us Weekly, Mike Epps was exchanging 140 characters or less with another woman on the social networking site when the woman asked him to send her a “direct message” — a private message exchange between the two. All of the sudden, Mechelle Epps sent a tweet to both her husband and the woman… and it was pretty epic.

It was just a pair of eyes.

Jokes started pouring in on the social media site, many giving serious props to Mechelle who handled the situation perfectly. Of course, no one actually knows if Mike Epps was cheating on his wife (or planning on it), or if he and his wife talked about the incident privately, but Mike did end up blocking the woman he had been chatting with, possibly because Mechelle told him to.

It is unknown if Mike Epps sent a direct message to the woman, but it looks like his relationship with her is done. And the jokes haven’t stopped. Check out some of the best ones below.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, @CeciCitra (the woman who asked Mike Epps to DM her) has really been making the best of the attention she has been receiving — and some of her tweets have been pretty entertaining. Quite a few people have followed her since this whole thing went down, but many are still waiting to find out what actually happened.

Was Mike Epps’ direct message offer a sign that he was being unfaithful? Did Mechelle Epps catch her husband stepping out on her? Neither Mike nor Mechelle has commented on the situation since, so no one actually knows what this is/was all about.

According to E! News, Mike Epps and his wife Mechelle have been married since 2006. They have two children, daughters Maddie and Mariah. Epps has two children from a previous relationship, as well.

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