Adult Film Star Of ‘Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded And Pounded’ Desires The Real Thing – Kleio Valentien Wants To Date Ronda Rousey

If anyone in the MMA community were to be asked who is the sport’s biggest star, most of them will say Ronda Rousey. Though not the first breakout female MMA fighter, Rousey has innovated said moniker. By utilizing the art of trash talking (something rarely seen in women’s MMA at the time), Rousey has created interest among many for her fights even though most of them end in the first round, best exampled when she fought Cat Zingano followed by Bethe Correlate.

Despite this, Ronda Rousey’s popularity in UFC is tantamount to crossing over to movies, books, and even sports entertainment. However, the most peculiar form of praise is being parodied in adult entertainment. Joanna Angel did just that when her studio produced Ronda Arouse Me with adult film star Kleio Valentien taking on the titular role. Apparently, Valentien was so smitten with the parody that she now wants the real thing. That’s right! Kleio Valentien wants to date Ronda Rousey.

According to MMA Mania, Kleio Valentien was a guest on Submission Radio. The initial parts of the conversation centered on Valentien’s career, but eventually switched to the adult film parody. Valentien first said she was happy Rousey wasn’t angry about it.

“I’m glad that she is not angry about it and that she’s a good sport about it and she knows that it’s all in good fun.”

Of course, there are people who expressed disdain for the adult film parody. Those people claim it disrespects “Rowdy” by portraying her in such a promiscuous and misogynistic way.

“We have had some people angry about it who think that, you know, which she has worked really hard to be more than just a good woman-fighter but a great fighter in general, that we were sexualizing her too much and stuff.”

Yet the most eye-opening part of the interview was when Kleio Valentien confessed her affections for Ronda Rousey herself. Valentien is so smitten, she expressed her willingness to court the undefeated UFC women’s bantamweight champion, as reported by New York Post.

“If I could ask her out on a date, I would totally do that. Ronda, if you ever listen to this, please go out on a date with me.”

From past media reports, the MMA community knows Ronda Rousey likes to have a lot of sex with men. For women, however, it is an unknown. Rousey has not admitted or denied that she likes women. Still, the prospect of Kleio Valentien and Ronda Rousey hooking up will surely be the topic of many male (or female) fantasies.

If you want to listen to the entire episode of Submission Radio featuring Kleio Valentien, it is available through the video attached below. Since the interview is with an adult film star, a lot of the content is raunchy.

[Image via Jason Merritt/Getty and Kleio Valentien’s Official Twitter]

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