‘Destiny’ Vault Space Doubled, ‘The Taken King’ Weapons Can Be Infused With More Power

Bungie hosted the first of three Twitch livestream reveals for Destiny: The Taken King on Wednesday and the developer saved some of the best information for the end of the broadcast. The Vault space struggle that players have experienced over the course of the first year with the PlayStation and Xbox shooter looks to be greatly eased, while Year 2 weapons get a new trick that may make players happy when they get a duplicate loot drop.

Vault Space Destiny: The Taken King - Vault (PlayStation, Xbox) Vault space in Destiny is being doubled with the release of The Taken King and the 2.0 update. Players will be able to store up to 72 weapons, 72 pieces of armor, and 36 general items outside of their character now. This is in addition to some of the other changes Bungie is making to gear and items, which will free up space.

As previously covered for the Inquistr, the three class specific armor upgrade materials like Plasteel Plating have now been combined into a singular Armor Materials item. Additionally, Shaders, Emblems, and Ships can be moved from Vault storage to Collections so that you can keep track of and retrieve everything your characters have collected without having to worry about deleting them permanently just to save space. Destiny: The Taken King - Exotic Blueprints (PlayStation, Xbox) This new Collections concept carries over to Exotic weapons as well, potentially freeing up even more space. Players will be able to access Exotic Blueprints in the Tower to see all the Exotic weapons and armor they’ve unlocked over the course of their time with Destiny. This is kept at the account level so you will not have to worry about accidentally deleting an Exotic by accident or for space. You’ll be able to retrieve the Exotic item via the blueprint.

Infusion Destiny: The Taken King - Infusion (PlayStation, Xbox) The existing ascension system for weapons is being tossed out the window with Destiny: The Taken King. That doesn’t mean you should get rid of existing weapons though. Bungie is introducing Infusion with all Year 2 weapons, which allow players to consume one weapon to make another more powerful.

In the example shown in the Twitch livestream, Bungie started with a Legendary Suros DIS-43 Scout Rifle with a 280 Attack rating. They spent 250 Glimmer, 10 Weapon Parts, 1 Mote of Light, and 3 Legendary Marks to consume an eligible more powerful weapon and upgrade the Suros DIS-43 to a 288 Attack rating. Players will be given the choice of which weapon to consume if they have more than one eligible. Destiny: The Taken King - Infusion (PlayStation, Xbox) Bungie’s goal is to allow Destiny players to take their favorite weapons with them to the end game content and make the weapons available for the end game more varied. It also helps when players get a weapon drop for something they already have. Instead of shrugging and dismantling the duplicate, they can use it to upgrade a less powerful weapon that they enjoy using.

The Destiny: The Taken King livestream had many more reveals than can be covered in a single article. Stay tuned for more.

[Images via Bungie Twitch]

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