Kristen Taekman Reveals Where She Stands With Bethenny Frankel After ‘RHONY’

Kristen Taekman got off to a rocky start with Bethenny Frankel when she returned to The Real Housewives of New York.

Bethenny went into the show with the mentality that she didn’t need any more friends in her life. As she quickly learned, the women on the show wanted to be there for her and wanted to get to know her, including Taekman.

But it sounds like Kristen Taekman’s presence in Bethenny’s life was blown out of control. Kristen didn’t feel too hurt about not being invited to Frankel’s birthday, but Heather Thomson felt it was worth bringing up. And when Kristen accidentally said the wrong thing to the press about Frankel, it looked as if they could never get back on track.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Taekman is now revealing that she has actually seen a change in Frankel. The two can actually get along now without fighting.

“Bethenny really grew on me this season, and I think she handled herself really well during the first video package of the clips of her crying and arguing with the other women. She owned up to the fact that she isn’t the easiest person to handle, which is very admirable. There’s nothing more frustrating than someone denying something that is so clearly true. Bethenny is a lot of things: headstrong, fierce, stubborn. That being said, she is also a real woman who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes and defend what she thinks is right,” Kristen Taekman revealed.

And as Taekman points out, she doesn’t hold a grudge about not being invited to some of her co-star’s events, including the birthday. The two weren’t that close and Taekman may not have thought too much about the birthday party.

“As far as me not being invited to Bethenny’s birthday party–at this point, it’s TOTALLY water under the bridge. I was merely surprised at the time that I was left, out since the other ladies were included. I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t “hurt.” I was just like, “Oh! OK then.” That was that. It was a non-issue, but it was sweet of Heather to try and support me (even though I never asked her to do that!),” Kristen Taekman adds.

Maybe Taekman is giving her a break because she has been going through a lot with her divorce and her personal life. According to the Inquisitr, it sounds like the press feud has been put to rest. At the time, fans were split on whether Kristen was wrong to talk about her co-stars in the press.

What do you think of Kristen Taekman giving her co-star a second chance?

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