Nia Peeples Divorce Involves Deciding Whether ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Can Keep Trailer & 2005 Honda [Video]

Nia Peeples has filed for divorce. Nina, known for Pretty Little Liars and Fame, wants to split from Sam George. Peeples and George were married for seven years prior to the divorce decision, reported the Daily Mail.

And it won’t go down in history as the most expensive celebrity divorce. Nia, 53, wants her 2005 Honda Element and Malibu mobile home trailer, priced at $875K. Peeples is allowing George, who is an ex-pro surfer, to keep his pick-up vehicle.

Sam also directed Big Wave Hellman and won a Sports Emmy Award, and Nia congratulated him on social media in 2014. That compliment was her final social media post about the man that Peeples wants to divorce.

But it wasn’t all bad during their seven-year marriage. Nia and Sam appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap, during which Tiffany and Peeples swapped homes and families.

The Pretty Little Liars actress has been divorced three times and has two children. Her 16-year-old daughter’s, Sienna’s, father is Lauro Chartrand, and her 25-year-old son’s father is Howard Hewitt.

Nia plays Emily Fields’ mom, Pam, on Pretty Little Liars. Season 6 begins January 7 on ABC Family. In addition to that role, Peeples portrayed Olivia West in Lavalantula, which turned spiders into nightmarish creatures.

In her divorce papers, Nia used irreconcilable differences as the reason, reported E! News.

Peeples and George do not have children.

When a fan asked if the divorce reports were true on Twitter, Nia did confirm, but denied that she is demanding that Malibu mobile home.

“is it true you divorced from Sam? I hope not… so sorry about that sweet Nia,” asked the fan.

Peeples responded promptly.

“The part about divorce is true. The part about demanding the trailer is not. All is amicable. There is no demanding,” responded Peeples.

The divorce, if it goes through, will also determine who gets the Las Vegas condo, valued at $91,000.

Nia’s previous marriages include Guy Ecker from 1994 to 1996, Howard Hewitt from 1989 to 1993, and Lauro Chartrand from 1997 to 2004.

And Peeples is not alone in having a long list of divorces in her marital history.

As the Inquisitr reported, Terrence Howard is currently battling his second ex-wife in court over spousal support and extortion claims.

During the Empire actor’s court battle, it became public knowledge that Howard and his third wife, Mira Pak, had already divorced.

It also became public knowledge that Howard has four divorces in the past now, after marrying, divorcing, re-marrying, and then divorcing again Lori McCommas, his first wife.

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