‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Is A ‘Great Appetizer’ For Season 6 Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Although it may share a similar name and be set in the same world as The Walking Dead, AMC’s newest series, Fear the Walking Dead is nothing like the former. In fact, the only thing the two series share in common are zombies.

“One of the things that was really important to us from day one was that this show stand alone — story-wise, character-wise. We wanted it to have its own corner of the universe,” Robert Kirkman explained in an interview with Vulture.

Fear the Walking Dead centers on two main characters living in Los Angeles, California named Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) and Madison Clark (Kim Dickens). Manawa works as an English teacher in the same high school where Clark is a guidance counselor. The two are in a relationship together and both have kids from previous marriages when the zombie apocalypse first breaks out.

Although Fear the Walking Dead is different in many regards, there is the possibility that having two shows set in the same universe and airing at the same time will have a negative effect on fans. However, Kirkman stated that he hopes Fear the Walking Dead will only get people more excited for The Walking Dead and not burn people out on zombies.

“The two shows are so different…” Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly. “But Fear The Walking Dead is a great appetizer to season 6 that will hopefully serve to just make fans that much more excited for the return of the characters they’ve grown to love for going on six years.”

Kirkman went on to explain how Fear the Walking Dead will only add to the work they’ve already been able to accomplish with The Walking Dead and not take anything away from it.

“I’m confident we’re doing this the right way. We’re building a wing on the house,” he stated in the interview. “It’s nice, it’s got a library, it’s adding to the overall value of the thing. We’re not just throwing a second story on top hoping the ground level can suddenly support the additional weight. We don’t borrow from the original, we don’t detract from it in any way. Fear The Walking Dead adds to the overall tapestry of The Walking Dead — it’s another glimpse into a hopefully fascinating world that stands on its own.”

Fear the Walking Dead is set to hit the airwaves on August 23, 2015, on AMC.

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