Xbox One Doing Things That ‘Can’t Be Done’ On PS4, Claims Xbox Exec — But Is It Really?

For many, the battle between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an important one. Fans of both systems often come out in droves to protect their preferred brand, oftentimes resorting to mudslinging, often found on the Internet. However, it’s not always the fans who take shots at the competition, as evidenced by a recent interview with an Xbox Executive.

In the interview with GamesIndustry International, Xbox One exec Kudo Tsunoda talked a bit about the things Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One console that, in his mind, aren’t being done on any other console. While Sony has the upper hand in terms of sales, and has since the two most recent consoles launched back in 2013, no one can deny the momentum that Microsoft is building with Xbox One and Windows 10 since E3 2015 this past June.

“It’s a really unique value that only we can offer. You still need very gamer-focused values, but there’s lots of things you can do with our technology. We’ve really got a lot more going on [than our competitors]. We’re doing things that can’t be done on any other console.”

Some of the examples that Tsunoda lists in the interview are Cross-play, Cross-buy, game streaming from Xbox One to PC, and of course, backwards compatibility. However, Tsunoda might be selling his competition short in those respects. Both the Xbox One and PS4 have, or will have, Cross-Play: the ability to play multiplayer with people on either console or PC. In fact, PS4 already has this in place with surprise hit Rocket League, which allows PC and PS4 players to play against each other. Street Fighter V will also have Cross-Play when it launches next year on the PlayStation 4.

Cross-Buy has been a pillar in Sony’s strategy for a few years now, as well. While Microsoft’s strategy will allow players to buy an Xbox One game and own it on Windows 10, PlayStation users have been able to buy a game on PS3 and own it on Vita, or PS4, for years. Game streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 is still in its infancy, having just been given the ability to stream at 1080p, 60 frames per second.

Backwards compatibility is the only pillar Tsunoda mentions that actually shows Microsoft doing something with the Xbox One that isn’t exactly available in the same way with its major competitor. Wii U has backwards compatibility, as well, so Xbox One isn’t exactly unique in that aspect, either. While Sony has PlayStation Now, a streaming service letting players enjoy older games, the service costs money, regardless of whether you own the older title. However, when backwards compatibility becomes available on all Xbox Ones later this year, players will be able to enjoy their old Xbox 360 titles, provided they are on the backwards compatible list — for free. It’s a feature players have clamored for since both systems came out, and one that Sony seems intent on not allowing natively in order to sell its service. However, to claim these features “can’t be done” on any other console is sheer PR speech.

One can hardly blame Tsunoda for pumping up Xbox One — it is his job, after all — but team Xbox should be a little careful when claiming their system can do things that can’t be done on others, especially when some of the examples are already in place on the competition’s platforms. Xbox One has a lot going for it this year, no doubt about that, but Xbox One isn’t doing anything necessarily different than any of its competitors when you get down to it at a base level.

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