WWE News: Vince McMahon Very High On WWE Superstar Neville, Big Push Coming?

WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon has always been high on the same type of guy. He has to have the proper height and needs to be a muscled up superhero type. Vince has been known to hand World Titles to guys simply over this and nothing more. Exhibit A, The Great Khali. However, it is not uncommon for Vince to favor some smaller talent. He was a big fan of CM Punk, but only due to the fact that he was making him money. Before 2011, we couldn’t say that Vince even knew who Punk was much less if he was a fan. After the pipebomb, the world took notice. Smaller talent started to come in afterward, which was cool to see.

Vince has had to change his thoughts on what makes a WWE Superstar and even a WWE Diva these days. Vince became a fan of Evan Bourne years ago. Many believe this was the only reason Bourne stayed under WWE contract for nearly two years and never performed after he was hurt a few times. Now, according to Daily Wrestling News, Vince is pretty high on another smaller star in Neville.

Vince feels that Neville is great to have with WWE as he makes everyone look good that he faces off with. This was similar to what he loved about Bourne. Vince also feels that Neville’s flashy and high-flying move-set is great and easy to market to kids. This is most likely why he along with Stardust were put in the Stephen Amell match for WWE SummerSlam. Neville hasn’t lost a lot since coming in, especially at PPVs.

It was said a while back that he was being protected as WWE has big plans for him. This very well could be bigger matches with top tier guys. We cannot expect a main event push for Neville however. It is said that Vince’s praise of Neville ends after his marketability to kids. Again, he is not quite the type of guy that Vince likes to push to the top. If not for his fans, Daniel Bryan would have never been given the chance to main event much either.

We have seen Neville face off with both John Cena and Seth Rollins this year for their respective titles, resulting in losses. However, each match was awesome. That said, Vince McMahon is most likely going to continue using Neville in ways to help him look good but Neville might always tend to come up short before he beats a bigger name star. The same happened with Bourne, so we cannot expect that to change with Neville just yet.

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