Ashley Madison Leaked Data: Hackers Publish Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Birthdates, Pick-Up Lines, And More

The Ashley Madison leaked data is real this time, as has been confirmed by several sources who’ve found their own names and other identifying details on the hacked data list, as reported by the Inquisitr. And already some folks have downloaded the leaked data and are pouring through it, even if they are not publishing the names or any identifying details. This article will not contain any of the identifying details of anyone appearing on the Ashley Madison leaked data list.

“The Ashley Madison data includes birthdates, email addresses and profile pick-up lines.”

According to Philip Bump, a writer for the politics blog called The Fix from the Washington Post, the leaked Ashley Madison data has dates of birth, along with come-on lines. Bump replied to one Twitter user, confirming he’d downloaded the entire leaked data files, as it were.


Such lines like “Hay [sic] ladies” and “Here comes the sex machine” and “a true gentleman” can be seen in the Ashley Madison leaked data that Bump posted. It’s one that doesn’t provide identifying details that the full file of Ashley Madison leaked data provides.

As reported by Hydraze, that full data dump includes quite a bit of extensive information about Ashley Madison users. The article was written by Per Thorsheim whose @thorsheim Twitter account lists his credentials and updated info about the hack.

“Founder of PasswordsCon. Infosec speaker, advisor & researcher. CISA, CISM, CISSP & ISSAP.”

According to Thorsheim, the Ashley Madison leaked data has names, addresses, phone numbers, and credit card info — but some reports say it was just the last four digits of the credit cards.

“The leak contains the names, street addresses, email addresses, phone number and credit card transactions of nearly 33 million accounts. The dump was made on 11/07/15 (July 11, 2015). If you registered your account after this date, you are mostly safe. If you registered before, your personal information are at risk and I advise you to take measures to protect yourself from identity/credit card theft.”

However, the Ashley Madison leaked data didn’t stop there. Thorsheim reports that the files contain credit card transactions from the past seven years, first and last names, street addresses, phone numbers, relationship status, what the Ashley Madison users are seeking and more. That “more” includes alcohol consumption, smoking status, security questions, nicknames, etc.

Even physical descriptions such as eye color, weight, height, hair color, body type, “ethnicity,” and more — along with Ashley Madison usernames — were leaked.

[Image via Ashley Madison billboard]

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