Emma Watson Reportedly Taking Pole Dancing Classes

Emma Watson has been fairly quiet since her final role in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, but the actress best known so far as Hermione is keeping busy, pals report.

It may sound like something from a bit of lurid fanfiction, but Watson has reportedly taken up a new hobby to fill her time on set. It’s not Pilates or Sudoku that has the notable Hogwarts student occupied however- Emma Watson is said to have discovered the fun of pole dancing as a pastime.

Before you ask, no, there are no pics yet available of Emma Watson’s turn in Hermione Granger and the Enchanted Tassled Pasties, but British tabloid The Sun spoke to a source that describes the starlet’s interest in the art of being on the pole. According to Watson’s friend, the actress didn’t expect to enjoy pole dancing, but now she can’t get enough:

“Like on all film sets, there’s often so much time spent doing nothing. One of the other actresses on the set has been pole-dancing as a sport for a while and Emma decided to give it a go as well.”

The pal continues, saying that Watson feels that her already trim physique has benefited from the hobby:

“She’s amazed with the results because it has toned up her body so well. She never thought she would enjoy it but she finds it quite liberating.”

And while we all may remember Emma Watson as the straightlaced Hogwarts teacher’s pet, the actress plays a slightly naughtier character in the project she’s currently filming, The Bling Ring.

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