‘Blade & Soul’ Founder’s Packs Now Available For North American, European Players, Release Date In Early 2016

NCSoft’s upcoming martial arts MMO Blade & Soul will put players in a grand Wuxia adventure filled with sorcery, betrayal, and fluid combat. The title recently added a seventh character class to the roster that will be available when the game launches in the West, but no release date or Founder’s Pack options were announced at that time. That changed today with the release of three Founder’s Pack options alongside the announcement that the game is scheduled to release in early 2016.

Founder’s Packs for Blade & Soul contain many benefits that players might expect. The three tiers of packs all include closed beta access in the fall, a three-day head start, character titles, and Premium Points. The Initiate Pack, at $24.99, grants these benefits for the cheapest price; however, players will receive more character titles, Premium Points, and other benefits for purchasing one of the two more expensive options.

The next choice of Founder’s Pack for Blade & Soul is the Disciple Pack at $74.99. This pack includes everything in the Initiate Pack but also has an extra title, even more Premium Points, a name reservation slot, two extra character slots, 2,400 NCoin, a character alteration voucher, and a booster pack. The NCoin included in the Disciple Pack is about $30 worth of NCoin for use in the game. The pack also includes a 30-day Premium Membership to Blade & Soul.

Blade & Soul
A screenshot of Blade & Soul

Finally, for a hefty sum of $124.99, players can purchase the Master Pack level of Founder’s Pack for Blade & Soul. This pack includes everything the previous two packs contain in a higher quantity. Four character titles, an even larger amount of Premium Points, two name reservations, an extended booster, two character alteration vouchers, five extra character slots, and 7,200 NCoin are included. That NCoin amounts to a $90 value, and the pack also includes 90 days of Premium Membership. Additionally, the most costly pack also includes a unique head accessory, weapon skin, and costumes.

Originally, Blade & Soul was thought to release late this year, but many MMO games are often delayed to ensure a smoother launch. Blade & Soul will utilize a hybrid free-to-play model with an optional subscription and in-game store. The Premium Membership included in some of the Founder’s Packs is that optional subscription. Higher levels of Premium Points make the subscription more beneficial to the player by unlocking new perks when subscribed. Premium Points are earned by subscribing or making purchases in the NCoin Store and Hongmoon Store. Once earned, Premium Points are permanent. NCoin, which is also included in the higher tiers of Founder’s Packs, is used to make purchases in the store.

Do you typically purchase Founder’s Packs for games before their release?

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