Google Releases Simple, Super-Fast OnHub Router — Will It Revolutionize WiFi?

Google is constantly changing the technology market with innovative, yet simple ideas. This week may mark the start of a new wave of WiFi router standards now that Google has rolled out the OnHub.

The Google OnHub is a super simple but still advanced smart home hub that provides extremely fast internet access and smart phone connectivity. According to Forbes, Google worked with the networking gear company TP-LINK to develop the Google OnHub, a $199 device that provides easier and faster internet and the ability to fix and update a home internet connection.

The Google OnHub contains 13 WiFI antennas within the cylindrical case, as well as a 1.4 gigahertz dual core processor that allows the high-power router to deliver internet speeds of up to 1900 megabits per second. But, perhaps more importantly, the Google OnHub will be much easier to manage than most home WiFi routers. The router will be linked to a smart phone app called “Google On” which works on both iOS and Android devices.

With the app, users will be able to set up the internet easily through a Google OnHub, grant login access to other users, and even manage and distribute bandwidth proportionally to connected devices. One of the 13 Google OnHub antennas is designed to identify any problems that may result in slow internet performance and help the user to resolve the issue quickly.

The Google OnHub also sports its own speaker and comes with Bluetooth and ZigBee radios, which can connect to smart phone devices.

According to Wired, the Google OnHub was designed to provide better WiFi service to the many Google customers who have trouble setting up their internet connection. Trond Wuellner, a Google product manager, spoke about the OnHub and its features, claiming that the casing of the router is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and will come in many different colors. This is so that users will be willing to set out the Google OnHub in the middle of the house so that the connection is strongest.


Wired claims the Google OnHub is “stupidly simple” to use and could very well revolutionize WiFi access. Wuellner claims Google is very proud of the device and has big plans for the future.

“We’re actually really proud of the work we’ve done around making sure OnHub is a trustworthy and secure member of your family. We’ve drawn a very strong, hard and fast line around inspecting any information or websites about the content you’re looking at in your home.”

Will you be trying out Google OnHub?

[Image credit: Google]

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