UFC News: Fedor Emelianenko To Sign With The UFC?

Fedor Emelianenko, who is arguably the greatest heavyweight in the history of mixed-martial-arts, is coming out of retirement, but there still is no hint where he’ll land. Most people are assuming that he’ll end up in Bellator, but at the same time, most people are hoping that he’ll finally sign with the UFC so he doesn’t have the fact that he never signed with the world’s biggest and best mixed-martial-arts organization hanging over his head once he finally decides to hang up the gloves for good.

There are a few reasons why most are assuming that Fedor will end up with Bellator. One of them is the fact that he has worked with Bellator CEO Scott Coker in the past, and the two of them have always had a good working relationship. Also, Bellator’s heavyweight division is far less competitive than the UFC’s is, so if Fedor isn’t looking to fight the best heavyweight’s in the world, which could be the case at this point in his career, he could very well decide to sign with Bellator.

Even though the assumption is that Fedor will end up with Bellator, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that Bellator hasn’t talked with Fedor at all, which is surprising.

“[Scott] Coker gave the impression that isn’t a direction he’s looking at going, noting Emelianenko’s price tag may not make sense for Bellator as a pure television product. He also noted Emelianenko went 1-3 in Strikeforce, and that it would be a difficult deal to put together.”

Coker later confirmed Meltzer’s report, saying that “We haven’t had any talks with Fedor and his people.”

Shortly after announcing his plans to come out of retirement, Fedor revealed that he was currently in negotiations with the UFC, but he didn’t give any indication as to how the negotiations were going. But now that it’s known that Bellator hasn’t contacted Fedor about coming into the organization to fight, it now seems clear that the MMA legend will finally be signing with the UFC.

Furthermore, UFC heavyweight Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, who defeated Fedor in 2011, tweeted out that there’s some big news that’s about to come out and that he’s very excited about it. Some people are thinking that he’s talking about a rematch with Fedor, but that remains to be seen.

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